833 Heavenly Dynasty Palace’s Manor

    The Black Market's Chief was very surprised, especially to hear about the Beauty Pill. He promised, "Don't worry, Young Master, I can definitely get a great price for this pill. I will release the news first. With Ghost Doctor's name, there is such a good thing. Perhaps it will attract some aristocratic families from higher grade countries."


    She nodded. After handing over the pill to him, she spoke again, "After you auction it off, I'll settle it with you next year."

    "Yes, I'll take care of everything then. I'll do it as simple as possible." He said with a smile, knowing that she didn't like trouble. "As Young Master Jiu has left the academy, how many days will you stay in this city? I can arrange accommodation for you."

    "There's no need. We'll travel from place to place." She shook her head. After entrusting her matters, she left with Little Hell's Lord. The plump Cloud Devouring Beast was following behind.

    She took Little Hell's Lord to the tavern to eat. She also bought a lot of cakes and fruits to eat on the journey. At last, she rode Old White all the way down to the next destination.

    Two days later, after Feng Jiu shook Nie Teng off from trailing her, she took Little Hell's Lord to settle down at an inn. Soon after that, Du Fan and Bai Xiao came to the Inn and saw her sitting by the window on the second floor.


    After giving a salute, their eyes naturally fell on the black-robed and delicate looking Little Hell's Lord. They looked at each other strangely because neither of them expected her to come with a child.

    Besides, where did the boy come from?

    "This time, I passed by here on my trip to take a look at the place you've selected. Let's go! You lead the way in front. " She said, holding Little Hell's Lord's hand, going down the stairs together. She told Bai Xiao, "Old White in the stable at the back. Take him out."

    Hearing this, Bai Xiao was happy. "Alright, I'll go and have a look."

    Because he was worried about being kicked out from her side, he had been training and taming beasts for several months. His kung fu was not inferior to that of others. After several months of hard training, he was surprised that he managed to practice his family's secret beast taming method to the fourth level. Now, he can tame the beasts below the ninth-rank.

    Du Fan took Feng Jiu to leave first, while Bai Xiao led Old White out. He was excited to see his old partner after a long time.

    "Old White, I heard that you can speak? I haven't seen you for so long, you are much thinner than before! But I heard about you from Young Master. Well done." He patted it on the head. While being brought, it excitedly shook its head and flung its tail.

    "We're returning to the mountaintop. Master said that the rope in your mouth could not be untied until we reach the place so that you would not open your mouth and cause trouble." He led the horse out as he spoke.

    After leaving the city, they flew directly. Seeing this, Bai Xiao turned over and rode on Old White's back: "Old White, let's catch up with them. Let's go!" As soon as he shook the rope and clamped his legs, he rushed out of the city, splashing a cloud of dust on the mountain path.

    Two hours later, they came to the manor. Du Fan told Feng Jiu, "Master, we bought this place. There are arrays around it, however, there was no aerial restriction. I have limited ability. My aerial restriction set-up was not high at all."

    Feng Jiu took Little Hell's Lord all the way through the array. She arrived at the place and saw the scenery inside. She nodded. "Mm, this place is not bad. I'll set the aerial restriction later." While she was still talking, she heard a joyful voice.

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