835 I can tame beasts

    Feng Jiu nodded. They were walking while chatting and came inside. "Are Luo Yu and others out on a mission? Why are they not around?"

    "Xiang Hua has taken them out on a mission. It's estimated that they will come back in two days." Du Fan answered. After taking them to the hall and got them seated, Leng Shuang served them tea.

    After the reorganization of the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, there were not many people left. Although some people wanted to follow them, those weren't accepted after an investigation. Therefore, there were not many people in the palace, only a few of them and the eight Feng guards.

    Even though only a few people left, one of them could fight ten people. In just a few months, both assassinations and other missions had been done well. Now the orders lined up until the sixth month of the following year. Therefore, they thought that people could join the Heavenly Dynasty Palace, but not just anyone could get in.

    "I asked you to send the pill to the Centenarian Mountain. Did you send it in person?" She took a sip of tea and asked.

    "Yes, I personally delivered the pill to Miss Wanyan. She was very happy to receive the pill that she sent out a box of gifts. I was about to send a letter to inform Master, but unexpectedly Master is here today."

    "Mm." She nodded. "Xiang Hua takes care of the external matters, while you handle the internal matters. It's truly professional." While speaking, she took a look at him and handed him a medicine bottle. "This is a Foundation Pill. You're at the peak of the Great Spirit Master rank. It's time to advance."

    Du Fan's eyes flashed with surprise to hear that. "Thank you so much, Master."

    "Do a good job, you'll benefit a lot in the future." She said it with a smile.

    "Yes, this subordinate will certainly live up to Master's expectations."

    He held the medicine bottle in his hand with excitement. Foundation Pill which was worth thousands of gold. Originally, Xiang Hua was betrayed because of a Foundation Pill. But when he came here, Master gave it to him easily. He knew that following the master would be the right choice for him!

    "Young Master, we're back." Bai Xiao's voice rang from outside. Before long, he strode in.

    Seeing Bai Xiao, Feng Jiu spoke, "Just in time. I have to see your beast taming skills. If you can't satisfy me, do you know what to do?"

    "Yes, don't worry, Young Master. I've been diligently practising the beast taming method for several months. In addition to doing things slowly on my own, I can deal with the spirit beasts below the 9th rank. " He spoke with confidence. Certainly, he looked much better than he was a few months ago.

    "Yes, Master." Du Fan started speaking, "Bai Xiao truly made rapid progress in taming the beasts. Xiang Hua and Luo Yu have captured a spirit beast for him every time they return from their tasks. Among them are fierce beasts, which are kept in the woods behind us."

    Feng Jiu nodded and smiled. "Let's go then! Anyway, I'm free now. I'll see how you tame the beasts. " She motioned, curious about the beast taming method.

    After all, to her knowledge, among the beast tamers, beast masters truly needed some ancient clan's secret method of animal control. Since she knew from Bai Xiao's own mouth that he came from an influential beast tamer family, that later she intended to draw him to her side.

    "Alright." Bai Xiao nodded confidently and went back to the forest with her.

    The others also followed suit and went with them.
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