836 The Beast Tamer Sec

    In the woods behind the mountain, Feng Jiu and others didn't get close to the inner part of the woods. They just watched Bai Xiao walk in, while they stopped about 100 meters away. They didn't know what Bai Xiao took out as they only heard a sound that seemed to come out from a musical instrument.

    The sound seemed to disperse from Bai Xiao as its centre. When the sound came out, there was an airflow, visible to the naked eye, surging like ripples of water.

    They didn't sense anything, but Cloud Devouring Beast that was lying on the grass beside them straightened up at the sound and looked at Bai Xiao.

    When she noticed Cloud Devouring Beast' peculiar reaction, Feng Jiu's eyes jolted. After quite a short time, she saw more than twenty spirit beasts and fierce beasts came running from the middle of the woods.

    These twenty or so spirit beasts and fierce beasts seemed to have lost their vigour and bloodthirsty ferocity. They came in savagely, but when they reached Bai Xiao's side and encircled him, each one of the beasts howled low. One of the beasts, a fierce tiger, bent down and let Bai Xiao sat on its back.

    Bai Xiao rode the fierce tiger to Feng Jiu while playing the beast taming tune. He took away the instrument on his lips and looked at Feng Jiu with a smile. "Young Master, I can tame those below the ninth-rank, but I have to cultivate my family's beast taming method up to the sixth-level to be able to subdue the beasts above the ninth-rank."

    Looking at the fierce tiger who was obedient to him as a mount without having a contract, Feng Jiu nodded. "Pretty good. You've made quite a rapid progress. If you have this companion, it doesn't matter even if you can't fight."

    Her eyes swept over the beasts, but inwardly she was thinking that if Bai Xiao's skills to tame beasts were cultivated, the beasts would be equivalent to an army. Those beasts would be a great help in a group battle.

    Standing by Feng Jiu's side, Little Hell's Lord's eyes were also fixed at Bai Xiao for a while before he finally retracted his gaze.

    "How many people in your clan can tame beasts currently?" Feng Jiu asked.

    "My grandfather as well as my father. However, my father got his Golden Core wounded. He was unable to cultivate our clan's mental method and also couldn't play the beast taming tune. So, now in our clan, only my grandfather and myself are able to tame beasts."

    Bai Xiao got a little excited when he spoke up to this point. If Young Master didn't give him pressure, he wouldn't know that he could cultivate the beast taming mental method to the fourth level. However, he also owed this success thanks to the elixirs given by the young master.

    He was thinking that if he could also get a bottle of the elixir for Grandfather, maybe Grandfather's beast taming mental method could advance again. However, he also knew that none besides his Young Master could take out the elixirs. Every bottle of her potion was a treasure to vie for.

    "The beast is controlled by sound?" Feng Jiu was surprised and looked at his hand. "What kind of musical instrument is that?"

    However, this time, before Bai Xiao opened his mouth to respond, he heard Little Hell's Lord who stood beside Feng Jiu answered.

    "Beast taming is using sound to control. However, a truly successful cultivator can control the beasts with only one sound, without the aid of musical instruments. People like him should be at the lowest level of the beast taming mental method, so they need to use instruments to control the beasts"

    Feng Jiu glanced at him in surprise. "You know it?" After thinking about it, she nodded. "It's not also in the Eight Supreme Empires? Should there also an influential beast taming family there?"

    Little Hell's Lord looked up at her and said, "There's a beast tamer sect in the Eight Supreme Empires."
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