837 The wanderer is returning home

    Everyone's sight fell on him once they heard his words.

    Eight supreme empires? Beast tamer sect?

    What kind of existence was that?

    Those thoughts were floating in their minds. For them who had never been to the Eight Supreme Empires, they had an intense curiosity. But they also knew that they wouldn't reach that place without superior strength.

    It was obvious to them that even if their Master went there in the future, they might not be able to go. Because without excellent strength, people could not survive in such a place.

    After staying in the manor for a few days, Feng Jiu placed a new restriction on it and strengthened the protection array surrounding the manor. As Luo Yu and others still hadn't returned, she left Old White in the manor. She only brought the two siblings Leng Shuang and Leng Hua as well as Little Hell's Lord and Cloud Devouring Beast with her.

    They spent half the whole journey having fun up to the day of the Spring Festival to return to the Phoenix Empire.

    At the imperial palace

    "Feng Xiao, did Little Feng say when she's coming back?" Old Patriarch Feng came in, his hands were clasped on his back.

    Feng Xiao, who was immersed in the state affairs, looked up and saw that it was the old patriarch. He put down his affairs and smiled. "Father, don't worry. Little Jiu should come back in the New Year. There are still two days before the first day of the New Year. It looks like these two days!"

    "I'll send several people to the gate to wait. When they see her coming back, they can also spread the news. I don't have to wait for her all the time." As the old patriarch walked back and forth, he said, "I don't know how long she will stay here this time? This girl has been away for a year, I have no idea if she got thin living outside? "

    Feng Xiao smiled. "Don't worry about Little Jiu, Father. You look after Mother instead. Her due date for giving birth is coming soon. Please remember now not to leave her."

    The thought that he would soon have another brother or sister, who would be dozens of years younger than his daughter, filled him with mixed feelings.

    He had both regrets and joy. He really didn't expect that after passing half of his life, there would be a newborn brother or sister. This feeling was very novel.

    "It's alright. Su Xi has calculated it. The baby should be born after the New Year." He waved his hand. "What's more, the midwife has prepared everything. It's absolutely safe."

    "I don't know if they have told Little Jiu the good news that she would have an aunt or an uncle?" Feng Xiao laughed.

    The old patriarch smiled sheepishly, his face was burning with embarrassment. Such an old person, yet still want to have a child. It's a bit...

    "I'm leaving first, then. Don't forget to tell me when Little Feng comes back." He hurriedly turned and walked away.

    Feng Xiao shook his head. With a smile, she walked out with his hands clasped on his back. When he was about to call some Feng Guards to wait outside the palace gate, a Feng Guard came in a hurry.

    "Master, the Eldest Miss and her entourage have returned." A middle-aged Feng Guard spoke with a delighted smile. "They're already at the palace gate. This subordinate spotted them from far away and immediately came here to give a report."

    Feng Xiao was overjoyed. "That's great. It's great that she's returned." He strode outside as he spoke.

    Feng Jiu and her people entered the palace gate together. She saw from afar her father coming out to welcome her with large strides. When she saw him, a gentle smile bloomed on her face and her heart softened.

    She left home last year and returned this year. She hadn't seen her father for a whole year. She wasn't' aware of it when she didn't see him, but when they met, she finally knew this kind of deep longing.
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