838 It’s great that you’re home

    "Father!" She ran to him and threw herself into his arms. "Father, do you miss me?"

    Feng Xiao caught his daughter. At this moment, the heart of the tough man was too soft to speak. He tapped his daughter's head in his arms and laughed. "I miss you! I've been constantly thinking about since you've left home. I've been looking forward to your return. Let's go. Father ordered the dishes you like to be made for your welcome dinner."

    Little Hell's Lord, who was walking slowly behind, looked at the father and daughter who were hugging each other. Although they were father and daughter, he still felt embarrassed, but he didn't say anything. His face was gloomy.

    "Eh? Who is the child? Why do you look like...?" Feng Xiao was just about to say this child looked like Hell's Lord. But then, he saw the child came up and pulled the corner of his daughter's garment.

    "What's the matter?" Feng Jiu looked down.

    Little Hell's Lord stretched out his hands. He didn't speak, but it was obvious that he wanted her to carry him in her bosom.

    Feng Jiu smiled while telling her father. "Father, he said that he's Hell's Lord's little brother. His name is Little Hell's Lord. He's following me recently."

    As soon as she finished speaking, she looked at the child, still stretching out his hands asking her to hold him. She smiled with her eyes squinted to half-moon. "You want me to hold you? Okay, let's see if you can catch up with me."

    They could only see a red gown flashed accompanied by a peal of laughter. The girl who was standing in front of them earlier had already swept off toward the imperial palace.

    Watching his daughter running to the palace, Feng Xiao shook his head and smiled at the little guy. "Come, I'll hold you." He stretched out his hand but was left dumbfounded since the little guy swept off like the wind, chasing after his daughter.

    "This speed..."

    He's speechless. Was this kid three or four years old? How did he get that speed?

    "Ruler." Leng Shuang and Leng Hua made a salute.

    "Oh, why are only the two of you returning? Those Feng Guards are not with you?" He was a little surprised that not only the Feng Guards but also Old White was not coming back.

    "They have other things to do, so Mistress asked them to stay there. Because Old White was able to speak, Mistress was worried that it would cause trouble as soon as it spoke, so it remained there and didn't return with us."

    "Old White can speak a human language? Does it turn into a divine beast?"

    Leng Hua smiled. "No, I heard it was able to speak after eating the pill that Mistress refined."

    "So that's what happened. That's alright! You go in, too! It's a tough journey for you, have a good rest." He smiled and went in with them.

    Hearing that Feng Jiu had arrived, the old patriarch went to the imperial palace. Unexpectedly, he met Feng Jiu on the way. When he saw his granddaughter in dazzling red, he couldn't help smiling.

    "Little Feng, you're back."

    "Grandfather." Feng Jiu called out. She saw her grandfather looking like a middle-aged man. His complexion was ruddy, looking like he's in good health. She knew that his body was also in good condition.

    Also, he should have no problem now.

    In the past, her grandfather had intermittent amnesia, which had been cured by her. Now, his strength is at the Martial Emperor rank. He could be considered as the first expert among the ninth-grade countries. He was accompanied by a beauty. Naturally, he was in a cheerful mood, good in both his mental and physical condition.

    "I was just talking about how it's going to be the New Year, yet you haven't returned. Just as I was talking about it, I heard that you arrived at the palace. It's great that you're home. Great that you're home." He nodded, looking at her with eyes full of love and affection.
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