840 Restored by the Foundation Visage Pill

    "Thank you very much." He stepped forward to take the fruit, then thanked her and returned to Feng Jiu's side.

    Seeing this, she couldn't help but smile. "This child is so well-behaved."

    "His name is Little Hell's Lord. He's my friend's little brother. He has recently entrusted me to take care of him."

    She smiled and gathered the little guy into her arms. She saw that the tsundere little guy's face turned awkward and red in the ears. However, his delighted expression was obvious to everyone.

    Everyone looked at him with a smile. They felt that the child was really strange. It seemed that he was really clinging to Feng Jiu. He seemed delighted with Feng Jiu's affectionate action, yet also somewhat uncomfortable with it.

    They talked for a while. Feng Jiu didn't return home for a long time, so she stayed in the palace tonight. After the reunion dinner on New Year's Eve, she took out all the gifts to them. Finally, she handed her grandfather a pill.

    "Grandfather, I specially prepared this for you. It took me a long time to refine it." She handed him the bottle containing the pill. "Grandfather, take it here! Let me see its effect."

    "You girl, what you gave to your father and grandmother are good things. You gave a pill to Grandfather? Aren't you too stingy?" He pretended to be angry, but the corner of his lips curved up. He took the bottle and asked, "What kind of pill is this?"

    "Grandfather, it's good stuff. Because the herbs were hard to find, I only made one. I don't even have one for Father!"

    "Let me see, it should be a repairing pill?" Feng Xiao smiled. When the Old Patriarch poured the pill out, it sent bursts of fragrance.

    "Or is it an advancing pill?" He guessed.

    Feng Jiu shook her head and looked at her grandfather mysteriously. "You will know after taking the medicine."

    The Old Patriarch assented. He took the pill in front of the people. After the pill entered his body, he felt a strong aroma of medicine in his mouth. It sent out a spirit airflow with the medicine into the body that turned into countless streams to moisten the body.

    The change in the body was invisible outwardly, but he could feel it. A strange sensation was spreading through the body, and with the flow of the medicine, his outward appearance also transformed.

    Originally, he looked middle-aged. At this moment, his face underwent a little change, restoring his youth at the speed visible to the naked eye. Not only his appearance was back, but even his body also followed the transformation. It was incredible. In front of all the incredulous eyes, in the time it took a half-column of incense to burn, the forty or fifty-year-old middle-aged man turned into a twenty-something youth.

    "Hiss! This, this is..."

    Feng Xiao was shocked to see his father turned to a man younger than him. He didn't know how to react for a while. He only knew that his father really returned to his youthful appearance, which was the extraordinary handsome man that stood before him.

    It was the first time that Leng Shuang and Leng Hua saw this. Even it was the first time for the Feng Guards to see such a magical pill. They had experienced many storms, but when they saw this scene now, they were still filled with shock.

    When Little Hell's Lord saw this scene, his eyes flickered slightly. It was not outside his expectations that Feng Jiu could make such pills. In his eyes, she was so excellent that refining this Foundation Visage Pill was not difficult for her.

    Su Xi looked at the young face in her memory. She was so moved and her eyes reddened....
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