841 Unexpected premature labour

    That's what he looked like when she first met him. His face had been imprinted on her mind ever since, even after all these years.

    Today, she saw that familiar face again, as if time had regressed and she saw him back in those days.

    Old Patriarch, oh no, he looked like he was in his twenties, just like Feng Jiu's Big Brother. It's really weird to call him Old Patriarch.

    "Little Feng, this is the pill that you've been working on?" He looked at Feng Jiu and then at his present youthful appearance. His eyes could not hide his joy.

    "Yes! This is the Foundation Visage Pill. I only managed to refine one. It's especially brought back to Grandfather as his New Year's gift." She smiled. "Grandfather, are you satisfied with my present?"

    "Hahaha, satisfied, satisfied, extremely satisfied." He laughed and looked at Su Xi beside him. He grasped her hand and asked her with both nervousness and anticipation. "Su Xi, look at me right now. Is this good?"

    "Yes, of course." She nodded smilingly and told Feng Jiu, "Thank you, Little Feng."

    "We're all one family, no need to say thanks." She smiled. "Tonight, is the night of our reunion. I'll take the little guy to the city to see the sights. Please have a rest earlier."

    "Alright, be careful. There are so many people tonight. Take care of Little Hell's Lord well. Don't get separated." They advised her.

    "Mm, I know." She smiled and went out of the palace with Leng Shuang, Leng Hua and Little Hell's Lord.

    Feng Jiu took them to stroll around the city. She bought small toys for the little guy, no matter whether he liked it or not. They played until late at night and went to the West Lake to watch fireworks.

    At this time, they didn't know that the old man and Su Xi were going to stay up until the coming of the New Year. However, when she was going to call the maid to assist her to empty her bladder, she accidentally fell down.

    "It's bad, it's bad. The Empress Dowager fell down!" The panic-stricken voices of the maidservants were heard in the palace one by one.

    Hearing the news, the Old Patriarch's face turned white with fear. He walked out quickly and saw that Su Xi, who seemed to be in pain, was lifted up by several people and transported to the palace bedroom.

    "Su, Su Xi!"

    Seeing her dress stained with blood, he felt a chill and his limbs went limp.

    Feng Xiao rushed over in large strides after hearing the news, but when he arrived, the palace maids traipsing in and out the place and several midwives hurrying inside.

    He grabbed a midwife who came out to order hot water and asked, "What's going on inside?"

    "Ruler, the Empress Dowager fell down and her amniotic fluid has broken. The baby may be born ahead of time. She was shocked by the fall. Her condition is not very good now." The midwife answered and hurried in again.

    Feng Xiao knitted his brows in distress and told a Feng Guard to find his daughter quickly. Then he waited outside. Soon, he saw his pale-faced father get pushed out.

    Seeing his father looking like he's lost his soul, he came forward. "Father, don't worry, it would be all right."

    "It's all my fault. I should have gone with her. If I did, she wouldn't have fallen."

    He murmured and blamed himself inwardly. Suddenly, he grasped Feng Xiao's hand and nervously asked, "Su Xi will be fine, right? She should be okay, right? She's been yelling that her stomach hurts..."
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