845 In the future, you must not give birth

    As the baby's cry continued, louder and louder, the people outside were excited.

    In the room, after Feng Jiu handed the baby to Leng Shuang, she was stitching the wound. After cleaning the wound, she put on the medicine again and checked the unconscious Su Xi on the bed. Then she breathed out a breath of relief.

    "Give me the baby, open the door!" After washing her hands, she took over the child and motioned Leng Shuang to open the door.

    "Yes." Leng Shuang answered, then went out to open the door and let the Old Patriarch in.

    The old patriarch hurried in and saw Feng Jiu with the baby in her arms. "Feng girl, how was it? Was it without any mishap?"

    "Mm. Don't worry, Grandfather. Everything's fine!" Feng Jiu smiled, while at the same time handing the baby over to him. "Look, Grandmother gave me a little uncle."

    The old man took the baby with trembling hands. The newborn child cried for a while and then fell asleep. His skin was dark red and wrinkled. But the man who was looking at the baby had his eyes turned red.

    "Good, good."

    He didn't know what to say but nodded. He was choked up. Then he came to the bed with the child in his arms. When he saw Su Xi unconscious, he couldn't help looking at Feng Jiu.

    "Little Feng, your grandmother..."

    "She's alright. She's in a coma after taking the medicine. She'll wake up at dawn tomorrow. But she has a cut in her abdomen. You must take care of it carefully. You can't tear the cut. I'll tell you later and let someone take care of it."

    As she said this, the old patriarch was relieved. Feng Jiu then went outside. Seeing her father still waiting there, she went up to him. "Father."

    "Little Jiu, are both the adult and the child well?" Feng Xiao asked.

    "Mm, it's alright. The umbilical cord was around the neck, also the fetus position was not right. If it's not a caesarean section, I'm afraid we were only relying on chance. But don't worry now. Everything is all right. Grandmother can get out of bed as long as she gets some rest."

    "It's great that there's no problem." He nodded and asked again. "Was it a boy? I heard you say it's a little uncle?"

    "Mm, it's a boy."

    "Boys and girls are good, as long as it's safe." He smiled. "What must the servants be told to do? Tell me, and I'll convey the message to them."

    "Just be careful to take care of Grandmother. After all, she had a Caesarean section. There was a gash in the abdomen to get the baby out. The wound needs to be taken good care of."

    The Little Hell's Lord on one side listened to her and Feng Xiao talking. His face didn't look too well. When he came here and heard the danger of giving birth, his face turned unpleasant. His whole body was tight all the time. His dark black pupils flashed, but it was unknown what he was thinking about.

    After some time passed and Feng Jiu had done explaining things to her father, she went to the room. She talked with her grandfather and then took Little Hell's Lord to the Empress palace's hall. When she saw that the little guy had his little mouth pursed in silence with a slightly lowered head, she had no idea what's going on.

    So she asked with a smile, "What's the matter? You're not speaking at all. Are you unhappy that I didn't accompany you to see fireworks to the end? "


    He answered, looking up at her with a tense, worried face. "It's very dangerous to have a baby. You must not give birth in the future."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu was dumbfounded then laughed out loud.
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