852 Choked On Water

    "Little rascal, what the hell are you doing?"

    When Feng Jiu entered the room, she saw that water had splashed onto the ground and there was a gurgling sound coming from inside the wooden tub. It sounded like someone choking on water. She stepped forwards in haste and saw that the little guy had fallen in and his whole head was below the water, swallowing the bath water. She lifted him out quickly.

    "Cough cough cough!"

    He coughed sharply, his face was flushed red. However, before he had a chance to recover, she had slapped his bottom.

    "Slap slap slap!"

    "You little rascal, you're not even taller than the bathtub, you should have asked someone to give you a bath. You will be so embarrassed if you drown in a bathtub!"

    Feng Jiu was infuriated, she sandwiched him between her arms and smacked his naked buttocks.

    Only God knew how scared she was when she came into the room and saw his head immersed under the water. The height of the bathtub was deep enough to drown a three or four year old child, especially so when his head was face down.

    Hell's Lord had entrusted him in her care, if anything were to happen to him, how would she tell him? Say that she hadn't looked after him properly and he had drowned in his bath?

    A series of slaps landed on his buttocks without the opportunity for him to respond. He was stunned from the slaps.

    "What are you doing!" He was struggling against her. This woman! The cheek of her!

    "What? Can't you see that I'm disciplining you?"

    She brought him into the bedroom with him still sandwiched under her arms and threw him onto the bed. She glared at him angrily with her hands on her hips: "You little rascal! Do you know what toying with your life means? What were you doing just then? Huh? What? Don't tell me you were thirsty and wanted to drink the bath water!"

    He was fine until she mentioned that he drank his bath water. Now that she had mentioned it, he felt the nausea in his stomach.

    If she hadn't been shouting outside, he wouldn't have been so nervous and slipped. She had the cheek to slap him and tell him off. This woman! He had a sudden spur of impulse to choke her to death.

    "You're still staring at me? How dare you stare at me? Continue staring if you dare!" She pulled up her sleeves and stared at him threateningly, the meaning in her eyes was obvious: keep staring and I will smack you again!

    Upon hearing this and looking at her posture, he smirked but stopped staring at her. After all, he still wasn't wearing any clothes! He was at a disadvantage being bare naked.

    As she looked at him wrapped up in the quilt, she eased her breathing and her anger and fright in her heart subsided a little. She said to him: "Put on your clothes, I will wait for you outside!" She turned around and walked out after she told him that.

    Once he saw her leave, he was finally able to relax. Ever since he had shrunk, he was always at a disadvantage with her. Before that, would she dare stare at his naked body like that?

    Alright! Right now, there was nothing much to look at, but it was because of that, he lost his confidence, he was ashamed and couldn't look at anyone.

    After he had calmed down, he took out a fresh set of clothes and put it on. He adjusted his clothes and went outside.

    Feng Jiu was sat in the courtyard and she looked at the proud and stubborn little boy who stepped out. She couldn't help but snorted and before giving him a chance to refute, she said: "I will bathe you in the future!"

    "No!" He stared at her and refused.
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