1073 What is that?

    Feng Jiu smiled. "Since it's for gaining experience, naturally, we will face many challenges. Otherwise, how can our potential ability be stimulated? Cultivation is a journey against nature. If you want to become stronger, your path won't be so smooth."

    Song Ming looked at her and his heart was moved. "In fact, in your present status, there is no need to enter such a dangerous place. After all, the risk is too great. As long as you say a word, I believe there will be many strong people to protect you."

    She was not only an alchemist or a pill refiner but also the Ghost Doctor who possessed the medical expertise who could practically revive the dead. Such a person would be a guest of honour wherever she went. She had no need to gain experience in a place like this.

    "It's better to rely on yourself than on others." Feng Jiu answered with a smile. "No matter how strong others are, it's not your own strength. It's best when you're strong. This way, you have enough strength to protect those that you want to protect."

    "Protecting the person that I want to protect?" With a startled look, he whispered. "The one I want to protect is gone. Even if I get strong enough, I can't protect her."

    She glanced at him and knew that he was referring to his deceased mother. So, she advised him, "You are still young. You will meet someone you want to protect in the future."

    He smiled. "Who do you call still young? Are you old already? Your statement really treats us like small kids."

    Feng Jiu's lips curved up and didn't answer him back. Indeed, the combined age of her two lives was not small. Truly, she did take them as little kids.

    She raised her head slightly and looked at the huge web of interlacing branches above her head. She was thinking that after looking after them for a year and finished her business here, she would go to the first-grade country to take her mother home.

    As long as she brought her mother home and reunited her with her father, she could safely prepare to enter the Eight Supreme Empires and meet Mo Ze.

    Could she reach the Nascent Soul level in a year's time here? She was looking forward to that.

    In the early morning, the dim sunlight was diffused in the forest. The tree spirits in the forest basked in the warm sunshine with their claws retracted and stood still like normal trees.

    "Strange, why are these tree spirits so different during the daytime compared to the night?"

    Ning Lang remarked at the trees whose claws were put away. Although the branches above were still interwoven to form a big net, it seemed they had no attacking power.

    "Could they be doing this on purpose?"

    Luo Fei glanced at them, then experimented by touching those trees. Who would have thought, those trees didn't react at all. It was as if all they had seen before had been an illusion.

    "Perhaps their habits during the day and the dark are different." Feng Jiu spoke thoughtfully. "It's better to leave the forest before evening, in case the change recurs at night."

    "Mm, let's go!"

    After extinguishing the fire and clearing away their traces, they went on, intending to leave this strange place as far as possible come the evening.

    However, after walking for nearly the whole morning, they had not seen the end of the jungle. All around were trees with only branches and no leaves, as if this forest was endless. At this time, Ning Lang called out in a low voice, "Look, what is that?"
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