857 Elegant Noble Master, Unparalleled In The World

    She instructed one of the servants to alter his clothes and then brought him to the palace.

    The banquet was being held in the Imperial Garden. When they arrived at the palace, there were quite a few guests who had already arrived. Only the closest family and friends, and Suxi's family were invited today. It wasn't a big banquet, but rather a gathering for everyone to meet the baby.

    Feng Xiao was greeting everyone in the Imperial Garden. The Old Patriarch was still inside and hadn't come out yet. When Feng Jiu arrived with Little Hell's Lord, everyone stood up to greet her.

    "Your Highness."

    "We haven't seen Princess in a long time, Princess is even more magnificent."

    "Feng girl is getting more beautiful, hahaha!"

    When she saw everyone greeting her, she smiled and said: "Please sit down everyone." She found a place to sit down and chatted with everyone.

    "Haha, your grandfather is so blessed, he's got another son. In a blink of an eye, it's the child's full month. Time flies by so quickly!" Old Geng Patriarch said to her.

    "Yes, time flies by so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday when we had gone to propose marriage. When I came back this time, I didn't expect a baby to have been born." She smiled lightly and poured him more wine.

    "Grandpa Geng, have a drink first. I am going over there to give a toast and chat." She stood up and took her leave.

    "Okay, go, go!" Grandpa Geng smiled.

    Feng Jiu went over to her grandmother's brothers. Although her father was talking to them, but she should still go over to greet them, toast a cup of wine and have a chat.

    As soon as she approached them, she was pulled closer to them to drink wine and talk to them. She felt joy in the atmosphere.

    "Feng girl, when you've got time you will have to come over to our Country more often. If you are in the area, you will have to come to ours." Lin Boheng said with a smile. As he looked at Feng Jiu clad in red, he knew that she would be an extraordinary person in the future.

    She smiled slightly and said cheekily: "Oh course, if I am ever in the area, I will definitely go over to Grandpa Lin's to eat and stay for free. Grandpa Lin can't call be troublesome when I come to visit!"

    "Of course I won't. I am more than happy that you would come to visit." Lin Boheng laughed and drank more wine with her as they chatted.

    As the guests chatted amongst themselves, the palace maids served up dishes of food. Everyone had their own plate of food in front of them. The dishes looked exquisite.

    When Old Patriarch Geng walked out carrying baby Feng Ye, his voice could be heard before he was seen.

    "Hahaha, thank you to all our family and friends for coming to our son's full month banquet."

    Everyone was stunned when they heard the voice, because it sounded much younger, unlike the Old Patriarch's voice. Therefore, everyone put down their wine cups and turned towards the direction of the voice. What they saw made them open their eyes wide and their jaws nearly dropped to the ground.

    The slender and tall man with a dignified composure was dressed in luxurious gold robes with a jade belt around his waist with a jade pendant hanging from it. Was the handsome dark haired young man the Old Patriarch Feng Sanyuan they knew?

    When they saw him carrying the baby in his arms, his face full of joy, eyebrows raised upwards with a smile on his face, the combination of magnificence and his handsome looks, they couldn't help but praise: Elegant noble master, unparalleled in the world.
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