858 Farewell Family

    "Sanyuan, you, you've advanced again?" Old Patriarch Geng asked, dumbfounded, because this was exactly what he looked like when he was a young man. There was even a calmness about him, that he had acquired over the years, that young people did not possess.

    "Can't be? You are the Emperor level, but your looks....." Even Lin Boheng was staring at him in disbelief, his cultivation hadn't advanced, so how did he....

    All of a sudden, a thought entered his mind and he couldn't help but look at Feng Jiu with a smile on his face.

    Of course, how could he forget about her! She is the Ghost Doctor, naturally she would have the ability. It must be that Feng Jiu had refined some pill for Sanyuan to take to restore his youth appearance.

    When he thought of this, he couldn't help but sigh. Why couldn't such a good girl belong to their family? If only he had such a good granddaughter!

    "Hahaha, no, it's just the New Year gift that our Feng girl had brought back for me. It is the latest Foundation Visage Pill created by the Ghost Doctor. I tell you, this Foundation Visage Pill, it is....."

    He boasted to them with pride and told them how amazing and precious the elixir was. Everyone was very envious.

    "Come, let me carry my little nephew." Lin Boheng took the baby from Feng Sanyuan's arms. The skin of the one month old baby was pink and tender. The baby was born big, and ate well, so he was chubby and cute, a delight to see at first sight.

    "He looks just like my younger sister." Lin Boheng said, his voice full of love.

    Everyone looked at each other and smiled, they asked what the baby's name was. They also enquired about Suxi's condition. Suxi's elder brothers took turns carrying the baby.

    The other people only looked on and didn't go to carry the baby. After all, they weren't family, and the baby was only a month old, so it was not easy to carry.

    The guests started to leave by evening. After they had arranged the living accommodations for the Lin Family, Feng Jiu went to her father's palace quarters.

    "Father, little uncle is a month old now, I intend to leave tomorrow."

    "So fast?" Feng Xiao was a little reluctant to hear that his daughter was leaving so soon. She had only been back for a month. He wondered if it will be another year before he would see her again after she leaves.

    She smiled: "I want to go to an Alchemy Conference. I'm not sure how long the journey will take, so I should leave soon." She held his hand and said quietly: "Don't worry, I will come back to visit when I have time."

    She was going to tell him about the news of her mother, but she decided against it. She didn't want him to worry. It was better to surprise him when she brought her mother back.

    As for her mother's family, she believed that as long as her status advanced in the future, even the nobles from First Grade Countries wanted to build relationships with her, she would definitely be able to enter the palace and see her mother.

    "Okay, you must be careful when you're away from home. Take Leng Shuang and Leng Hua with you. They are both loyal to you, Leng Shuang can take care of things for you. As for Leng Hua, he is attentive. Father can only be reassured if they accompany you on your trip."

    Even though he was reluctant, but he knew that even a little bird must learn to fly and would leave the nest one day. As a father, he couldn't stop her, he could only hope that her journey was smooth and safe.

    "Okay, I know." She responded with a smile.
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