859 Don’t Go Philandering

    It was already late in the night by the time they arrived back at Feng Residence. After her bath, Feng Jiu rubbed her hair dry as she said: "We will leave tomorrow! We will travel to Yi Country and participate in the Alchemy Conference on the third of March. Oh, I had ordered a new set of clothes to be made for you, it will be delivered tomorrow morning."

    She didn't hear the little guy respond and so she looked at him, he was sat cross-legged on the bed looking at her. She asked: " What's wrong?" The little guy hadn't spoken since they got back, was he unhappy?

    "I have to leave." He looked at her.

    When she heard this, she froze for a moment before she said: "Leave? Who are you leaving with? Is someone coming to pick you up?"

    "They will be here at midnight." He looked at her, his mouth twitched, as if he had something more to say, but he was silent.

    "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" She came over to the bed and asked: "Is Gray Wolf coming to pick you up? Is it safe for you to return now? Or will you cause problems for him? If he doesn't have the time to look after you, you can leave with me! It will be fine for you to return later on."

    "Ren Xiang will come to pick me up." He shook his head: "No, I have to leave."

    She stared at him deeply: "Then I will send for your new clothes right now." She went outside to give Leng Shuang instructions and then came back inside.

    "Since you are leaving, do you want me to prepare anything for you? Food? Daily essentials? Toys?" She asked, but deep in her heart she was a little reluctant for him to leave. Although the little rascal was proud and stubborn, but they had been living together for a while now, she was a little sad at his sudden departure.

    "No need to. You can just sit with me here for a while." He replied.

    She was touched to hear this and went to the bedside and sat cross-legged like him. She thought that it must be quite stressful for the children who grew up in the Great Empires, unlike ordinary children.

    She sat with him and chatted till midnight. When they heard the noise outside, the two people could not help but looked at each other.

    "I have to leave." He said.

    "I will see you out." She stood up and draped her outer robe over her shoulders. However, when he saw that she had only draped her outer robe over her shoulders, he tugged on her hand.

    "What's the matter?"

    She looked back and saw the little guy looking at her and he replied: "Put on your clothes properly then come out."

    When she heard such old-fashioned and overbearing words, Feng Jiu couldn't help but smile as she put on her outer robe properly. As she was about to tie her belt, a little pair of hands took over and tied the belt around her waist carefully.

    An emotion of gentleness touched her mind as she thought, when she had a child in the future, he would no doubt also be close to her.

    "Okay." He looked up at her and said to her seriously: "Don't go philandering."

    Feng Jiu shuddered, and then laughed. She tapped his nose and said: "Little rascal."

    "I'm serious." He frowned: "Don't go philandering, and make sure you are safe when you are away from home. If you can't beat them, run."

    "I know, I know." She shook her head and smiled lightly as she bent down and picked him up. However, she saw that he had already put on his shoes after he got off the bed. He said: "I can walk, you don't have to carry me."

    "How could I not? We have spent some time living together now, and although you are a little troublesome, but you are also adorable. Now that you are leaving, how can I not see you off?"
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