860 Imperial City Of Yi Country

    In the end, Feng Jiu saw him off. In the courtyard outside, Ren Xiang and a few men in black were waiting.

    When the bedroom door opened and the two people walked out. Ren Xiang had to hold back a smile as he watched the big and small bodies walking out together. However, he knew that he couldn't expose his Master's secret, so he pinched himself and held back the smile.

    "Young Master Jiu." Ren Xiang greeted.

    "You're sending him home?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows.

    "No, I am only sending him to a place, and someone else will take over from there." He continued: "Don't worry, I will make sure there are people protecting him. Nothing will happen."

    Feng Jiu nodded and turned to Little Hell's Lord: "Go on then, be safe on your journey!" She noticed that they hadn't even brought a carriage to pick him up, so she took a cloak out from space and put it on for him: "The wind is cold at night, don't catch a cold."

    He looked at her and walked over to Ren Xiang. He turned back and said: "Go back in!"

    "Okay." She smiled as she looked at him deeply. After she instructed Ren Xiang to look after him well, she turned around and went back inside.

    After they watched her go inside, the people in the courtyard disappeared into the night on their flying swords....

    Feng Jiu watched them disappear into the night by the window. When she could no longer see them, she removed her outer robe and climbed into bed. However, she was unable to fall asleep that night.

    Early the next morning, she left with Leng Shuang, Leng Hua and the Cloud Devouring beast quietly for Yi Country without giving her father and grandpa a chance to bid her farewell...

    One month later, Yi Country.

    Yi Country was a fifth grade country, status above a sixth grade country. It had taken her a whole month to reach Yi Country. Of course they had also stopped for some leisure along the way.

    The national defence of fifth grade countries stipulated that no one a country below fifth grade was allowed to enter, with the exception of proof of identity. Feng Jiu had the status of a doctor and could even enter third grade countries, let alone fifth grade countries.

    This was also the reason she had refused Mo Chen. She was able to enter by herself, so why did she need to come with him? But, was Mo Chen also going to be here? She heard that his alchemy skills were quite high. If he were also to participate, then it wouldn't be as easy for her to win first place!

    However, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that she needed to have more confidence in her Five Elements Pill. After all, it was an elixir that went against the will of the heavens. Even if it was not a fifth grade pill, it was extraordinary and also incomparable to an ordinary elixir.

    "This is the Imperial City of Yi Country." Feng Jiu stood outside the city gates and looked on at the bustling activity inside the gates and sighed: "It is indeed a different grade. The prosperity of a fifth grade country is much higher than that of a sixth grade country."

    "Master, after we enter the city, let's find a place to stay before we take a walk around!" Leng Hua was very excited to be here.

    "Yes, let's go! Queue up to enter the city." She signalled for them to queue up together and waited to pay the entrance fee to enter the city.

    The imperial guards of an imperial city were more strict than guards of ordinary countries. Every single person who was entering the city had to show proof of identity. The citizens of the country were only required to show their proof of identity, but citizens of other countries also had to pay an entrance fee. Therefore, there were two lines of queues at the city gate to separate the country's citizens and citizens from other countries.
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