861 Friendly Smile

    Feng Jiu's travel party of three were not getting into the imperial city because of her doctor status. They had used the travel passes obtained from the Black Market. However, even so, as they were citizens of another country, they still had to pay the entrance fee.

    There were about twenty or so people that were queued up in front of them. Feng Jiu was standing in the middle, Leng Hua was in front of her and Leng Shuang was behind her. Cloud Devouring was stood by her side. As the three of them looked quite outstanding, they were getting a few looks by other people.

    Especially from the man who stood behind Leng Shuang, who was staring at the woman with an exquisite figure in front of him, dressed in black. Her side profile was even more stunning, his eyes looked at her up and down lecherously. He took advantage of the crowd pushing him from behind and slammed into Leng Shuang.

    When the man behind bumped into her, Leng Shuang turned around and stared at him frostily.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I bumped into Miss because of the crowd behind me pushing." The man said apologetically, but his eyes were fixed on her stunning face.

    Seeing this, Leng Shuang ignored him and continued queuing up as she didn't want to cause trouble here.

    When the man saw that Leng Shuang had warned him off with a frosty ice-beauty glare and not spoken a word, he couldn't help but wanted to do something more to get her attention.

    This time, he had planned to touch her as well.

    However, just as the idea had popped into his head, he heard a voice that shocked him so much that he stopped his hand and suppressed the thoughts in his head.

    "Did you cut off the hands of the man who took advantage of you last time? Or did you castrate him?" Feng Jiu turned around and asked Leng Shuang. Her narrowed eyes were fixed on the man stood behind Leng Shuang.

    "His hands were cut off and he was castrated. I even dug out his eyeballs." Leng Shuang said coldy, her voice loud enough so that the surrounding people heard her.

    All of a sudden, all eyes were fixed on the three people, and some of them even glanced at the man with the pale-stricken face. They sneered as they knew that this man was in trouble.

    The three people had a different disposition at first sight. Though the young man dressed in red was young but he was unrivaled in looks and was so dazzling that one could not bear to look away long enough to glance at the man in front and woman behind him.

    The disposition of the man was gentle as water, but was unlike that of an ordinary bodyguard. The woman in black looked murderous at first glance. To think that man would try to take advantage of her. He was lucky that she hadn't killed him on the spot.

    Upon hearing their conversation and looking at the stares he got from the surrounding crowd, the man's scalp went numb. He couldn't help but took a couple of steps backwards and kept a distance from the woman in black in front of him. His eyes hadn't dared look at her again, and was fixed in the ground.

    "If you ever encounter such lecherous men again, you should skin them too. After all, that sort of men have no shame anyway." Feng Jiu said those brutal and cruel words seriously.

    The cultivators were in shock and horror when they heard those words, let alone ordinary folk. Some of the people who had heard the conversation had hurriedly moved to keep a distance from them.

    Upon seeing this, she looked at the surrounding people and gave them all a friendly smile.
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