862 I Want To Borrow Money

    Although it was not her intention, however the smile caused everyone's scalp to go numb and no one dared to look at her.

    She raised her eyebrows and looked at Leng Hua who stood in front of her with a warm smile and asked: "Do I look terrifying? Or have I got darker and become uglier? How come everyone looks like they've seen a ghost when they look at me?"

    "Master's prestige is unparalleled in the world, they are dazzled by Master, that's why they don't dare to look at you."

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu chuckled: "You are getting better with words of praise, not bad, not bad." She nodded in satisfaction.

    Even the city guards in front had heard their conversation and couldn't help but smile. When they got to the front of the queue, the Captain of the guards asked with a smile: "No doubt Young Master is here to attend the alchemy conference?"

    "That's right." Feng Jiu nodded and asked with a smile: "It is my first time visiting the imperial city, can Captain recommend a place for us to stay at?"

    Maybe it was because her whole appearance looked extravagant and at first glance, one knew that she had a prestigious background, therefore, the Captain told her which few inns were good to stay within the city.

    "Young Master can go to the First Inn to see if they have any vacancies. It is the biggest and the best inn within the city. However, because of the Alchemy Conference, there has been many visitors from other countries, so there may not be any vacancies. If that is the case, you can try the inn at the west side. The inns in that part of the city have views of the lake. They're pretty good."

    Feng Jiu nodded and smiled. She looked at Leng Hua: "Didn't we buy some wine on the way here? Give the Captain a jar."

    "Yes." Leng Hua responded and took a jar of wine out of his cosmos sack and gave it to the Captain: "Please accept this brother."

    The Captain waved his hands in shock: "No, no, I only gave you some recommendations, I can't accept such a good jar of wine from Young Master."

    "It's okay. My Master said to give the jar of wine to Captain, so please accept it!" He shoved the jar of wine into his hands then followed his master and left.

    The Captain was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Most noble family sons and advanced cultivators never gave the imperial city gate guards a second look. He hadn't expected to receive the jar of wine in his arms from the Young Master in red just by giving some recommendations.

    He stepped away from the eyes of the envious people and opened the jar to smell the wine. He smelt a strong scent of the fragrant wine and knew that it was value was extraordinary.

    Maybe it was because he saw Feng Jiu's generosity, but after he entered the city, a cultivator ran to catch up with Feng Jiu.

    "Young Master, please wait." He shouted and ran towards Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu stopped and turned around to look at the cultivator, then asked: "Yes?"

    The cultivator smiled awkwardly and asked with embarrassment: "Young Master, I am also from another country. The journey has been long and I have used up most of my resources. I wonder, could I borrow some money?"

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu asked in shock: "What did you say?" Did she hear him right?

    "This, well..... I, I wish to borrow money from Young Master."

    Under Feng Jiu's stare, he couldn't help but lower his head, maybe it was out of shame, his voice also became softer.
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