863 Teach Me To How To Make Counterfeit Goods

    The embarrassed cultivator reached into his cosmos sack and took out a piece of ginseng.

    "Young Master, this is old mountain ginseng, it is purebred and vintage. Just take a look at the texture and you can tell that it is of good quality. If Young Master is unwilling to lend me money, that's ok, I can sell the ginseng to you! If you want to buy such good quality ginseng, you won't even be able to get it with ten thousand silver coins. Since Young Master and I are fated, I will sell it to you for five thousand!"

    Feng Jiu glanced at the ginseng and smiled: "It's okay, I have no use for such things. Since you have the ginseng, you can just sell it, how are you lacking of money?"

    "Isn't Young Master generous? Surely you have more than enough money? I don't want to be too troublesome." He said with a smile on his face.

    "That's it?" She touched her chin and said: "This is too small, have you got anymore? Or other things?"

    Upon hearing this, the cultivator's eyes lit up: "Yes, yes, yes, I still have a lot. Let's find a place to sit down and talk."

    "It's too time-consuming to sit down and talk! Tell you what, there is an alley up front that isn't crowded, let's go there to talk." She motioned towards the alley in front.

    "Okay, okay, after you Young Master." He gestured and went to the alley with him.

    Feng Jiu walked into the alley with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua following behind. They had no idea what she was up to. They looked at each other quietly and followed her.

    When he arrived in the alley, the man took out about twenty or more precious medicinal herbs from his cosmos sack. There were a few pieces of old mountain ginseng. He placed them all on the floor and looked at Feng Jiu: "Look Young Master, tell me which ones you like and I will give you the best price."

    "You even have this?"

    Feng Jiu squatted down and picked up an herb. She smiled and put it back down. She picked up another and put it down. Finally, after she had looked at all the medicinal herbs, she asked with a smile: "How much fees are you charging?"

    The cultivator froze when he heard that and asked: "Why, what?"

    "It is a felony to sell counterfeit medicinal herbs, you have some nerve!" She glanced at him: "Tell me! How much fees are you charging? If you don't have any incentives... hahaha"

    When he heard this, the cultivator was startled. He knew that he had met a connoisseur and hurriedly gathered up the cloth he had laid the medicines/herbs down on. After he gathered his things, he had intended to leave: " What fake medicinal herbs? If you don't want to buy then so be it, don't falsely accuse me."

    As he was about to leave, he found that he was blocked by the man and woman. He looked back at the man in red and asked: "What on earth do you want?"

    "Your fee?" She blinked and smiled.

    "I don't have money."

    "Do I look like I'm short on money?" She gave him a scornful glance.

    "Then what fee do you want?" He asked with a frown.

    "Your fake medicinal herbs are quite good, how do you make it? Teach me how to make them."

    As soon as she said this, the man's eyes opened wide in disbelief and glared at him: "You, don't even think about it!"

    She raised her eyebrows: "So, do you want me to spread the news of you selling counterfeit medicinal herbs? You will not only receive punishment from the Royal family. I'm sure that the Pharmaceutical Association would also get involved."

    The man's face turned white, of course he knew the seriousness of the matter. He had only taken out his medicinal herbs to sell, but he hadn't expected this person would be so cunning.
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