865 Who Booked The Inn?

    Other than being more upscale and more comfortable than other inns, Imperial City's First Inn was also more expensive and not affordable by ordinary people. It could be said that the guests at the inn were prestigious and wealthy.

    "Innkeeper, three rooms please." Feng Jiu went up to the counter as she spoke.

    "Hehe, I'm sorry Young Master, the inn is full. You can try other inns!" The innkeeper said apologetically.

    "That's okay! You can't help it if there are no rooms!" She shrugged. It didn't matter, she was about to leave with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua when she heard a voice.

    "The young master in red, please wait." A middle aged man called from the second floor to Feng Jiu.

    Feng Jiu turned back and her gaze fell on the middle aged man. She asked: "You're talking to me?"

    "Yes." The man nodded and looked Feng Jiu up and down then asked: "Dare I ask if your surname is Feng, and your name is Jiu?"

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and replied: "Yes."

    "Ah, that's good." The middle aged man smiled and introduced himself: "I am the head innkeeper of The First Inn. About a month ago, someone had already booked a room for you."

    "Oh. who booked the room for me?" Who knew she was coming here? Who would book a room for her?

    "I don't know. He only sent someone to tell me Young Master's name and appearance. He also booked two rooms with Sky Grade." The middle aged man said with a smile then looked at the dumbfounded innkeeper at the counter. His expression became serious: "How do you do things? Haven't I said that the two rooms with Sky Grade is reserved for a young man in red clothes? Why did you tell the guests to leave when they've arrived?"

    The innkeeper was startled from being reprimanded and took a while before he came back to his senses. He stepped forward to apologise: "Head innkeeper, but I have already served a young man in red clothes earlier on. I asked if his surname is Feng and name Jiu and he said yes. He told me that. I even took him upstairs to his room by myself, that's why....."

    He didn't know there would be two Feng Jius! Someone did book two rooms with Sky Grade for someone named Feng Jiu, and even told them the characteristics of the person. He was a handsome young man about fifteen or sixteen years old dressed in red. He thought that it was the person who had arrived earlier on, that's why he brought them up.

    "What? You served one already?" The head innkeeper was shocked and looked at Feng Jiu tentatively: "Young Master is really called Feng Jiu?"

    When she heard the conversation between the two men, Feng Jiu understood what had happened. She nodded: "Yes, I am called Feng Jiu. But I don't know who booked the rooms for me. Could there be a mistake?"

    She didn't know anyone here, who could have known she would come here? And even booked rooms for her? What made her curious was, who would have admitted that he was Feng Jiu and stayed in the room?

    He was even wearing red like her? This reminded her of the fake Ghost Doctor incident. However, no one knew of her identity here, so it must be a coincidence!


    The head innkeeper looked hesitant and said to the innkeeper: "Go upstairs and ask the guest to come down so we can speak to him. Mistaking a guest's identity is serious, we can't afford to offend anyone."

    "Yes, yes." The innkeeper wiped his cold sweat and hurried off upstairs to ask the guest to come downstairs.

    However, not long after the innkeeper had gone upstairs, he came rushing back down looking worried. He said: "The servant of the Young Master upstairs said that he is resting and not to be disturbed."
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