1086 Let’s Fight Then

    When the two people sleeping on the other side heard the commotion, they jumped up quickly, with no sign of sleepiness at all. They saw Feng Jiu sitting up on a tree with Cloud Devouring Beast in her arms, watching them. They were stunned and couldn't help but asked with a strange expression on their faces: "Don't tell us, you want us to practise our skills again?"

    She said that she had brought them in here to improve their strength and combat skills. Since there was a chance of actual combat, of course she wasn't going to let this chance slip by. However, ever since they had entered the forest, there's not been a quiet moment. They finally had a chance to take a rest, did they really have to fight?

    Feng Jiu looked at the dark sky and replied: "It's already quite late, by the time the fight is over, it will probably be morning. Since you've already had a rest, is there a reason why you shouldn't have another fight?"

    She looked up ahead and said: "I've had a look, there are twenty two wolves in the pack and they are all nine-tiered beasts. As for the wolf king, it has not come over and is standing further away howling. Based on your strength, the four of you can fight this battle."

    "Ah! The wolves are here. Quick, run!"

    Ning Lang's sharp cries could be heard, he was like a whirlwind passing by as he dragged Song Ming to the few of them. When he saw them standing there in a daze, he asked anxiously: "What are you still doing here? Run! There are wolves behind us, there are about twenty of them. Each one of them is about a metre high, it's terrifying. Hurry up, run!"

    As soon as he stopped speaking, he was about to run when Song Ming shook his arm off and glared at him as he gasped for breath. He looked up at Feng Jiu and then at the two below the tree and asked: "What are you talking about? You're not thinking about fighting are you?"

    "You've guessed it."

    Duan Ye and Luo Fei replied. They could feel the wolves behind Song Ming approaching. One of them took out the Eight-Star Flying Wheel, and the other took out a long sword, their spiritual breath surged from their bodies as they readied to fight.

    Upon seeing this, Song Ming didn't say much. He just gritted his teeth and said: "Let's fight then! These fierce beasts each have a big beast crystal on their foreheads."

    He took out his knife. His knife was shorter than a sword and longer than a dagger. It was a three-finger wide blade. There was a sharp airflow along with the bloodthirsty light that glowed from the sharp blade as the spiritual power surged from his hand.

    When Ning Lang saw them with their weapons, he realised that there was no escaping this battle. Therefore, he swallowed and said: "Okay! Let's fight then! For the beast crystal!" He took out his dagger and looked nervously behind him.

    Feng Jiu who was on the tree looked on, her lips curved upwards and she said: "Don't worry, if your life is in danger, I will save you." As long as it didn't endanger their lives, she would let them handle it. This was the only way they would become more confident in the days to come.

    With this promise, they didn't hesitate and decided to take the initiative to attack instead of waiting to be attacked.

    Therefore, when the sharp claws of the nine-tiered giant wolves leapt forwards, their spiritual breaths surged as they struck back with swords in hand, attacking the fierce beasts with the intent to kill.


    A wolf's howl sounded out, the howling sound contained the pressure of the mighty beast and echoed through the night. The other wolves in the forest seemed to be responding to the wolf's howl as they howled one by one, the sounds of the wolves howling spread through the forest.

    Feng Jiu glanced at Duan Ye and the rest, then looked across towards the direction of the Wolf King who was standing on high ground somewhere in the distance...
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