868 How was it possible to cover it?

    After leaving The First Inn, Feng Jiu came to the west part of the city with Leng Shuang and Leng Hua. She stayed in the inn in that region. After entering the room, she beckoned. "Leng Hua, sit down. I'll take a look."

    "Mistress, I'm fine. It's just a minor injury." He blamed his own weakness for his injuries.

    "Sit down!"

    As she spoke, she sat down beside the table and held out her hand to take his pulse. Then she withdrew her hand, saying, "It's not serious. Take some medicine for the wound and you'll be all right tomorrow."

    "Good." He answered happily.

    "Leng Shuang, go downstairs and ask the waiter to send up some wine and dishes. I haven't eaten since arriving here! It's almost past noon. "

    "Yes." Leng Shuang nodded immediately at her Mistress' words. Then, she turned around and went out.

    "Mistress, we've earned 1500 gold coins for nothing." Leng Hua smiled happily. It seemed that the identity of the man who stayed in the Sky Ranked number room was not low. Otherwise, he would not give out gold coins.

    "Yes! Since it's free, just take it. Even though 1500 gold coins are not much, they can buy a lot of things." With a smile, she took out the two bags of gold coins and pushed the large bag in front of him.

    "Take this and buy whatever you want. Follow me. Don't worry about not having money when you follow me."

    Leng Hua didn't refuse. He put it away and told her happily, "Thank you very much, Mistress."

    Not long after, Leng Shuang returned. As soon as she entered the room, Feng Jiu handed her the bag of gold coins on the table. "This is for you."

    Leng Shuang replied, "Mistress, I seldom use money. I don't need this much."

    "Keep it! Use it only when it's needed. "

    "Sister, take it! Mistress just gave me the big bag and I took it all. " Leng Hua smiled and patted the bag of gold coins in front of him.

    After seeing it, Leng Shuang nodded and put the gold coins away. At the same time, she gave her thanks. "Thank you very much, Mistress."

    Leng Hua also put the gold coins into his Heaven and Earth Bag. After a while, a waiter knocked on the door and brought the food in. The three were eating in the room while chatting.

    "Mistress, have you been up to your tricks again?" Leng Hua bit a piece of meat and inquired with bright eyes.

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu laughed. "Can you see that?"

    "No, but I guessed it." He swallowed the meat and laughed. With the Mistress' character, how was it possible to cover it? What's more, at that time she also threw a gold coin to buy medicine for that woman. Surely, it was not simple.

    Feng Jiu nodded, smiled and praised him. "Mm, yes, that's correct. Leng Hua, you are very attentive and astute indeed. I threw a gold coin like that and you could guess that I did some tricks. But you know, those people didn't know. Hey hey, tomorrow that woman will not be able to get up." She laughed. Her laughter was filled with killing intent, making people tremble with fear.

    "I knew it." He raised his head proudly and laughed.

    Leng Shuang was pouring the wine for Feng Jiu on the side. She always listened to them quietly with little words. Her eyes were soft. Only when she was with them could she show that gentle expression. Most of the time, she was ice cold as an iceberg beauty, chilling and full of killing intent.

    "Mistress, tomorrow I will go out to make inquiries about the Golden Core convention. You can have a rest at the inn!"
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