869 The Young Master in the red robe

    Feng Jiu nodded. "Mm, it's one month away from the third day of the third month. Wait after you get the news! Leng Shuang, please go assist your brother. Visit the Imperial City and see if there's anything you need to buy. "

    "Mistress, I don't need anything. Just let Ah Hua go, I'm staying at the inn to guard."

    Feng Jiu smiled. "What is there to guard in this inn? It's the Imperial City of Yi Country, more bustling than other towns. See if there are dresses, hair ornaments or rouges you like. Buy several of them for use."

    While she spoke, her eyes swept Leng Shuang's body. She smiled with her eyes squinted. "You are one of those who mesmerize people at a glance. It's really a waste to wear black suits all day with no rouge. Mm, forget it. I'll go accompany you all tomorrow. I'll help you pick stuff."

    Leng Hua looked at them with a smile. These were the two most important people in his life. One was his Mistress and the other is his Big Sister. They were the two he cared most about.

    "Mistress, I don't need to dress up. It's fine this way. Besides, I like to wear black, not clothes that are too eye-catching and remarkable."

    Since she was a child, she had learned to conceal her appearance. She had never learned to show-off herself in the past. What's more, she followed her Mistress as a guard. She didn't need to adorn herself beautifully. The more unremarkable she looked, the better.

    "I see!"

    She stroked her chin and smiled. "So, let's decide to just go shopping for head ornaments? Mm, that's settled." She picked up chopsticks and started eating while gesturing to them to also eat.

    After the meal, Feng Jiu motioned them to go back to their room for a rest. She herself went inside the space. It was strange to see the dormant Fire Phoenix still not yet awake.

    "It's been so long, why haven't you woken up? However, the breath of this ball of flame seems to turn more powerful again." She stared at the Fire Phoenix, bundled inside the ball of flame. The Fire Phoenix inside was like a baby in the mother's womb, bending its legs as if fast asleep.

    "Perhaps, when you wake up again, you'll breakthrough and become a youth."

    She had a feeling that maybe its childhood was about to pass. If it entered adulthood, its strength would go up to a higher level and its power was incomparable to that of its childhood.

    She had a faint expectation in her heart but did not mind that it had been lying dormant.

    Picking up the tools inside the space, she went to the vacant land inside to dig the ground, sow seeds, and prepare the space to plant some spirit herbs and fruits

    The next day, after some rest, the three people went out together. They were in a happy mood and planned to go around and have a look at the scenery of the imperial city.

    But the three master and servants in The First Inn had a different scene.

    "Why is it only you?"

    The door of Sky Ranked number room opened. The young man in red, who robbed the room yesterday, came out. He was slim with an outstanding appearance. In fact, if you look closely, you could see that she was a beautiful woman dressed as a man.

    However, this the woman wearing the red robe carried an unbridled arrogance which destroyed that beauty.

    "She went to bed after midnight and hasn't got up yet."

    The person speaking was a middle-aged man, dressed in grey, looking like a servant yet not a servant. His indifferent look carried no respect for the woman dressed as a man.

    Hearing this, the figure in red immediately looked gloomy. She walked to the next room and kicked the door.
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