870 Vital energy vein’s injury

    "Tramp! Are you the master, or am I? How dare you sleep till now?"

    Her gloomy voice was full of anger. As soon as her words came out, she drew a whip from her waist and directed it toward the woman in black on the bed.

    The woman in black slept wearing only a sleeping robe. She had awoken long ago, but every part of her body seemed to hurt. It was painful to breathe, let alone getting up. When she heard a kick on the door, she knew that her master was going to lose her temper again, so she wanted to get up. However, after two attempts, she couldn't get up. Then, the master strode in and lashed a whip at her without saying anything.


    The sound of the whip slashed through the air with a sharp gust of air, hitting the woman on the bed with a pop. A miserable shriek sounded. Bloodstain bloomed on the woman's white tunic. It could be clearly seen from this ferocious action that the master was merciless.

    "Master, Master ... please quell your anger."

    The woman screamed. She was swept down to the ground by the whip force. When she was thrown off to the floor, she held on to the red-robed young man's feet. Cold sweat seeped out from her forehead.

    Seeing this, she looked puzzled. She stared at the pale-faced woman on the ground and asked, "What's going on?" There's no way she couldn't get up after being whipped, was there?

    The man in grey stood by the door and watched quietly. He was sent by the family to protect her. As long as there was no mortal danger, he would not strike.

    He also watched yesterday's farce from the side. However, at that time, he stood at the rear door and didn't pay much attention to the gold coin attack from that young man in red.

    "Master, this slave can't breathe easily. I can't lift my spirit energy and breathing is so painful that I can't get out of bed. It is not my intention to make Master angry. I hope Master forgives me. I don't want your health to be affected badly because of me."

    Even after being flogged, the woman still spoke pleasantly, making the red-robed Young Master's anger dissipated a lot. After staring at the woman on the ground for a while, she told the middle-aged man in grey in the back, "See what's going on with her."

    The middle-aged man in grey shot a glance at the woman on the ground, then walked forward and crouched down to take her pulse. After taking her pulse, he could not help but be stunned. Eventually, his expression changed.

    "When your vital energy vein is hurt, your vital energy and blood flow, as well as your breathing, will be blocked. If it is a light case, you will no longer be able to cultivate and lift your energy. If it is serious, you will die three days later."

    As soon as he spoke these words, it was as if blood was drained from her face. She was so terrified and pale as a piece of white paper.

    "Her vital energy veins injured? She was fine yesterday, how can suddenly her vital energy vein get injured?" The Young Master in red asked gloomily.

    After this question was asked, the woman on the ground finally remembered. She looked both indignant and resentful. "It was the man yesterday, the young man garbed in red like Master, named Feng Jiu. It must be him who injured this servant!"

    "He didn't go upstairs, right? How did he hurt you?"

    At this time, the man in grey standing on the side started thinking, "Was it that gold coin?"

    At that time, he only heard a grunt, but he didn't pay any attention. Unexpectedly, the gold coin at that time hurt a Great Spirit Master's vital energy. That man had a good trick.

    When he thought of that man, he surmised that his strength seemed to be at the Great Spirit Master level. But, how could a strike injure people's vital energy? It's not something that just anyone could accomplish.
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