871 Seize that man

    "Yes, it was that piece of gold coin. It fell on the ground after hitting this servant's body. It only a hit and this servant didn't pay any attention to it. But unexpectedly, it struck this servant's vital energy vein. Master, not only did he hurt this servant, but also the Master's face."

    The woman on the ground said eagerly, hoping her master could help her to get even and make that man have a tough time. If her vital energy couldn't be cured, even if she lived, her life would be ruined.

    "A gold coin can hurt people like this?" The red robed youth looked at the man in grey.

    "Correct. Vital energy vein is the most vulnerable, but also the most difficult to be injured because there is a time restriction. Each vital energy vein pulses differently. Even if you know the pulse timing for a particular vein, a slight deviation of the hand will not hurt it. But once you get hurt, you can't be cured."

    While speaking, he looked at the woman on the ground. "Although that man hurt her vital energy, it should still be light and he didn't intend to kill her. But if it isn't cured well, she will be like an ordinary person who can't cultivate."

    "Find that man for me!" The Young Master in red spoke gloomily. "Who dares to hurt my people after taking my money? How bold!"

    "I'm afraid it's difficult." The man in grey said. "We don't know much about this place. It's not easy to find a man in this Imperial City."

    That Young Master in red was sullen. She flicked her sleeves. "Then, go to the mercenary market and send out this mission. I don't believe we can't seize that man!"

    The man in grey hesitated. "That man should have some background, I'm afraid it's not appropriate to do so."

    "Not appropriate?" The Young Master in red was furious. "If I can't take revenge, then I feel it's improper!" As soon as the words came out, she went out.

    The man in grey directed his sharp gaze at the woman on the ground and turned away coldly.

    Finally, he really went to the mercenary guild and issued a mission to find Feng Jiu.

    At the west side of the city, Feng Jiu was eating at a stall, while Cloud Devouring Beast was lying nearby. As for Leng Shuang and Leng Hua, they had not returned from inquiring the news.

    The Imperial City's mercenary guild was extremely well informed. It could almost be said that once the mission was sent, someone took the task. Compared to the people outside, they knew how to find a person in the imperial city best.

    So, when the mercenary guild saw the young man in red sitting by the stall eating in the west of the city, they asked him to send back the message and stared at him not far away.

    Due to Feng Jiu's acuity, she knew when those people stared at her. But, who would stare at her when they first arrived here? Since the counterpart didn't show up, she also didn't care. After eating, she sat and drank a cup of tea, waiting for Leng Shuang to come back.

    Unexpectedly, instead of Leng Shuang and Leng Hua, it was the Young Master in red that awaited her.

    "Is it that young man?" A mercenary pointed to Feng Jiu who was sitting in the stall, asking the Young Master in red and the middle-aged man.

    The Young Master in red didn't see Feng Jiu, so she looked at the middle-aged man. The man took a look and nodded. "Correct." Immediately, he paid the mercenary.

    After receiving the reward, the mercenary grinned. "Next time you have such a task, remember to find me." With that, he went on his way.
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