872 The Master of the little beas

    The red robed youth walked up to Feng Jiu. When she was getting closer, she drew the whip in her hand towards Feng Jiu while swearing. "What a reckless guy!"


    Feng Jiu immediately evaded the unexpected attack. When she saw the person in the red robe, she could only frown and spoke rudely.

    "Madwoman, what are you getting crazy about?"

    The woman dressed in a man's red robe got angry at Feng Jiu's words. "You dare to act unbridled after hurting my people! Watch me tidy you up! " As she pulled the whip back, her spirit energy surged. Then, she lashed the whip again toward Feng Jiu's face.

    She felt that the young man looked more beautiful than her. Additionally, the guy wore the same red-coloured outfit. It was extremely offensive to her eyes. Coupled with her anger, she wanted to destroy that beautiful and flawless face.

    When she took another look at the woman's red dress, Feng Jiu guessed that it was the person who threw the coin at her. But she didn't expect that the Young Master in red was also a woman dressed as a man. But she had too many flaws in her disguise. People could see at a glance that she was a woman.

    The lashing of the whip carried the breath of spirit energy. It smashed a little wooden table into two. Frightened, the stall-owner couple hid behind, hugging each other.

    Cloud Devouring Beast that earlier laid on the side stood up at this scene. It arched Its round, little-ball-body like a hedgehog. The hair all over its body stood up and a pair of bloodthirsty and ferocious eyes stared at the arrogant woman in red. Its mouth issued a low hissing sound that seemed to come from its nose and throat. It sounded like the growl of a fierce beast.

    The middle-aged man in grey, who came from behind, glanced at Cloud Devouring Beast with surprise since he could not distinguish the type of animal this little pet was. Looking at its fluffy fur, it looked like a dog but not a dog, or a lion yet not a lion.

    "Doggy, get out of the way!"

    When Feng Jiu evaded the whip, the red-robed woman was indignant. In her fury, she directed her whip at the snarling Cloud Devouring Beast.


    The middle-aged man shouted loudly, preventing her from lashing the whip at the pet. He saw the bloodthirsty and savage light appeared in the little pet's eyes. This kind of brilliance clearly came from an extremely fierce beast.

    He was afraid that she would draw her whip at it and attracted the attack of the little beast. However, even if he stopped it, he was still a little slow.

    When the whip was retracted, the little beast growled and jumped up. Its round body was as agile as a leopard. As soon as it leapt on its four feet, it flashed its sharp claws at the woman.


    The woman let out a miserable shriek. She stepped back, her face pale. However, the back of her hand holding the whip was marred with several bloody scars, scratched by Cloud Devouring Beast's claws. They were deep with her bone visible.

    When he saw the wound at the back of the woman's hand, the middle-aged man's aura turned gloomy. In an instant, he protected the woman behind his back and prevented her from being hurt by the small beast for the second time.

    His penetrating and cold glance swept over the little beast that was snarling its teeth and showing its shiny claws. He stared at the young man in red who looked so calm and collected, just like watching the theatre. In a gloomy voice, he asked, "Don't you care about your little pet?"

    As the owner of the small beast, he didn't stop that commotion but looked on unfeelingly. This young man was really repulsive.
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