873 I am from the Shangguan family

    Feng Jiu looked askance at him with her hands folded on her chest. She took another glance at the woman's scratched and bloody hand and scoffed. "Will it bite you if you don't provoke it?"

    "Kill him!"

    The woman, with a fierce expression on her face, took out the medicine to bind up the wound while giving orders to the man in grey.

    "Tsk tsk, do you really think this Imperial City belongs to your family? It's shameless to be easily provoked, to shout beating and killing in the main street and big alley. " Feng Jiu leisurely said, looking at the woman's flustered and embittered expression. Her lips curved up, showing a wry smile.

    "Even if I kill you, no one would dare to say anything!" She simply bandaged the wound on her hand, took out the whip again and attacked Feng Jiu.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu's eyes flashed. She snorted coldly. "It seems that if you don't learn a lesson, you will not be obedient." As soon as she finished speaking, a red figure flashed out to avoid the whip drawn out by the woman. It reappeared behind the woman in an instant. After seizing her whip, she reached out and pulled off her red dress.

    "Seeing you wearing this red dress really offends my eyes."

    "Ah!" When her outer garment was torn off unexpectedly, the woman exclaimed in alarm and stepped back quickly.

    When the man in grey saw that and about to come forward, he saw the little beast came to him with a low growl. He immediately flicked his sleeves and shouted, "Beast! Get out of the way! "

    An airflow visible to naked eyes came out of his sleeve. Onlookers in the surrounding streets and on the shops upstairs thought the animal would be swept out, only to see that the little beast spring up and rushed towards the middle-aged man. In an instant, its sharp claws scratched out several blood marks on his shoulder.


    The man in grey gasped. He widened his eyes incredulously and stepped back quickly. He stared warily and in shock at the small beast.

    This was not an ordinary small beast!

    Was this a sacred beast? But was there such a small sacred beast?



    The whip was drawn out with the sharp airstream sound and hit the woman with a slap. As a line of bloody scar emerged, a miserable shriek resounded.


    The woman was stripped of her red coat and dodged while only wearing her inner garment. At this point, the burning pain made her face contorted. She stared at the young man in red with alarm and resentment.

    "I'm from the first-grade country's Shangguan family. You dare to hurt me! I will destroy your whole family! "

    She was still shouting, unaware that her life was in Feng Jiu's hands. Moreover, water from afar water wouldn't quench the fire. Even announcing her family name was useless.

    In fact, it couldn't be said that it didn't help. At least, after hearing the woman's words, some of the cultivators surrounding them, one by one, had their eyes jolted and secretly plotting.

    Someone asked, "Is it the first-grade country's alchemy family, Shangguan clan?"


    The woman proudly replied. "This time, my family sent me to participate in the Alchemy Convention. If one of you can help me kill this lowly creature, I will let him not worry about the immortal pills!"

    Hearing this, light shone in the cultivators' eyes surrounding them. Getting connected with the noble alchemy clan. This is a good opportunity. This way, they would surely get an uncommon elixir.

    However, some people were still hesitant. They seemed uncertain and asked, "We can't rely on your words alone. We also don't know the Shangguan family. How can you prove that you are from the noble alchemy family, Shangguan clan?"
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