874 Young Master, please spare my life

    "Of course. Look, this is the identity token that all the Shangguan clan's children have. When I say that I'm from the Shangguan family, then I'm truly from the Shangguan family. Who dares to falsely claim to be the Shangguan family? So? Who will take this work and give me his head?"

    She took out her identity token arrogantly and revealed her identity in public in order to take Feng Jiu's life. Moreover, she was also very confident that as long she exposed her identity as the Shangguan family, powerful cultivators would want to seek connections with her.


    A whip was drawn and with a swishing sound knocked down the crown binding up her hair. She cried in surprise while putting her hands behind her head. Her ink-black hair came loose in disarray, revealing her identity as a charming girl.

    "Ah! You, you dare to attack me!"

    She exclaimed, glowering at the young man. She couldn't believe that someone had dared to attack her after hearing her family's distinguished reputation.

    "Shangguan family?"

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows. In her eyes flashed a light that none could understand. She took out the whip and lashed it out. With a snapping sound, the whip wrapped around the woman's waist and pulled her over.

    The woman was stunned. Before she knew it, Feng Jiu had put an arm around her waist flirtatiously and lifted her chin with the hand holding the whip.

    "Are you really from the Shangguan family?" She lifted her chin to take a look, leaned closer to her ear and said in a slow voice, "Even if you're from the Shangguan family, you shouldn't have provoked me, you know?"

    The woman was startled and totally stunned. She didn't know how to react. She was always arrogant. No one dared to be so close to her before. All of a sudden, she was hugged so close by a man, whispering in her ear. Her mind rumbled and turned completely blank.

    "Miss Shangguan, as a Foundation Building cultivator, I'll help you get even and teach this young man a lesson today!"

    A shadow flashed out of the crowd with a sharp sword in hand. With a killing intent, he went to attack Feng Jiu. He told the people that he's teaching this young man a lesson, but anyone could see that it was a killing move.

    Feng Jiu glanced coldly at the man and immediately pushed the woman away. She pulled the whip and swung it toward the man's lower parts. With a swishing sound, the whip wrapped around his feet and made a pull. The man carrying the sword cried in alarm and fell to the ground.


    Feng Jiu scoffed. "You're so bold to take out the same trick twice? You really seek death!"


    As soon as she finished speaking, she lashed the whip in her hand at the man. She would give a lesson as soon as she saw that kind of a man.

    "Hiss! Ah!"

    Before the man could get up, he saw the whip coming. The force of the whip tore his clothes and hit his flesh. The bruises and cuts caused him so much pain so that he couldn't breathe.

    "Ah! Don't, don't hit, don't hit! Please spare my life, Young Master... "

    Looking at the man who claimed to be a Foundation Building cultivator being whipped to the ground and cried for mercy, those cultivators who had been itching to move could only shift their eyes. Each one of them had their eyes on the young man in red with the whip in hand.

    Every lash of the whip carried the dark spirit energy visible to the naked eye. They could almost be sure that the cultivator must have his flesh cut whenever the whip fell. Moreover, a Foundation Building cultivator had no resistance in front of the young man. It could be seen that this young man had concealed his real strength.

    If so, they really had to think over whether they wanted to come forward.
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