876 Ghost Doctor will come

    She watched the old man sit down, pour himself a cup of tea to drink and then put it down and looked at her. His gaze seemed to be probing.

    "Which country does Young Master Feng hail from? Your surname, Feng, is truly special and very rare."

    The old man inquired Feng Jiu with a smile. However, after posing that question, he paused for a moment and spoke again. "Haha, I forgot to introduce myself first. I am the Third Elder of the Shangguan family."

    Feng Jiu's mind jolted when she heard that. "I'm from the Phoenix Empire. Indeed, the Feng surname is quite rare, even in our country, only our people have this surname."

    "Oh? Phoenix Empire? May I venture to ask, which grade country is it?"

    "Ninth-grade." She added, "More than a year ago, it was called Sun Glory Country."

    Hearing this, the old man's expression changed. His gaze was even more astonished. "So that's why." Because of the different country grades and the extreme long distance between them, he didn't know nor hear about some imperial dynasties, especially since there were too many ninth-grade countries.

    "Young Master Feng, are you also here to attend the Alchemy Convention on the third day of the third month? Are you also an alchemist?" He asked casually, stroking his beard.

    She held the teacup with both hands and took a sip. With an indifferent manner, she answered, "As far as I know, there is no rule that only alchemists can participate in this Yi Country imperial city's Alchemy Appraisal Convention. On the contrary, as long as a person has medicinal pills in his hand, he can participate."

    "Yes, it's an appraisal of elixirs, not to appraise and elect alchemists. Therefore, as long as the quality of the pill is excellent, you can participate."

    While speaking of this topic, he told her with a smile, "I believe that Young Master Feng also knows that the Shangguan family is an alchemy family. In fact, this time, I came secretly. In addition to watching the younger generation from getting into trouble, I also recruited some talented alchemists under the orders of the head of the family. If Young Master Feng is an alchemist, he can come to our Shangguan family to have a try."

    Feng Jiu smiled faintly and didn't speak.

    Seeing her reaction, the old man didn't continue speaking about it anymore but sat for a while. After some small talk, got up and left.

    Feng Jiu propped her cheek with one hand while the other hand tapped on the tabletop. A dim light flashed in her pupils while looking at the direction the old man left. It was unknown what she's thinking about.


    Leng Shuang and Leng Hua came in briskly. They returned because they heard that there was a fight here. However, seeing that their Mistress had no accident, they were relieved.

    "You've returned?" She glanced at both of them. "How're the inquiries going?"

    "Master, there are many people from other countries. Among them are influential clans from the first-grade countries and royal families. We heard that among the alchemists, in addition to one sent by the first-grade country's Shangguan family, Young Master Mo Chen, Old Man Sky Master's disciple, is also here."

    Leng Hua paused, then continued speaking. "The ceremony will be held at the Alchemy Appraisal Hall. Those who want to enter, besides having status, must also have at least a third-rank medicinal pill in hand. If the pill's rank is lower, they can't go in to participate. Moreover, the venue will be heavily guarded, and... "

    He took a look around him. "There will be so many people from high-grade countries to attend the convention because there is news that Ghost Doctors will come to participate."
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