879 Sky Rank Number One

    Those few people left after chatting in the room for about half an hour. Perhaps, as they said, they came in a low-key way, so they did not attract the attention of other forces. Therefore, no one bothered Feng Jiu at this period of time.

    In the next period of time, they rarely went out of the inn. When Feng Jiu and Leng Hua were cultivating, Leng Shuang was responsible for guarding them and not letting people disturb them.

    She was now the at the Great Martial Mystical Energy Master peak level. She only fell short of a chance to enter the Martial Ancestor rank. The Mistress gave her a bottle of elixir to breakthrough. However, she didn't want to breakthrough in this period of time because she entered the peak in too short a period. Therefore, she obeyed her Mistress. After everything was ready, she would

    Leng Hua was devoted to cultivation wholeheartedly. When he had time, he would cultivate. With the help of potion, he made great progress.

    As for Feng Jiu, in addition to cultivating inside the space, she didn't neglect to turn over the soil and pour various potions for watering. Time passed quickly.

    Finally, on the third day of the third month, it was an exciting and a long-awaited day for all forces in the Imperial City. While for the commoners who only cared for three meals a day and adequate clothing, it was just more lively than usual.

    Feng Jiu's group of three went to the Alchemy Appraisal Hall early in the morning. When they got there, there was a long queue. Instead of queuing, the three of them took a token given by the Black Market Chief and went in directly from the back door.

    When they entered, they saw that the Alchemy Appraisal Hall was very large and can hold nearly a thousand people. The Alchemy Appraisal platform was about one meter high from the ground. Besides the seats in the hall, there were also ten VIP rooms.

    Because of the large number of people, no one came to notice Feng Jiu's group. They all found their own seats according to the signs in their hands and waited for the start of the convention.

    Some sat down and then started talking.

    "I heard Ghost Doctor will also come. That Sky Rank number one room is specially reserved for him."

    "I heard he is a young man. It's truly inconceivable, besides being a pharmacist, he's also an alchemist."

    "Precisely. It's really infuriating to compare people."

    "I heard that many forces are coming to the ghost doctor today. There are many forces from first-grade countries. It seems that all the royal family members have come. Apart from the first branch family, our Yi Country's royal family is among them. The other eight are all occupied by the first-grade country's people."

    "It's normal. Even if they are only a clan from the first-grade countries, their status is extraordinary."

    "You see, today's several appraising alchemists are all heavyweight. In addition to the Shangguan family's elder, there is also the disciple of Old Man Tianji. There is also a Saint-rank alchemist, and..."

    They came in through the back door and went upstairs directly, avoiding the people below. Therefore, until the three people came into Sky Rank number one room, many people still didn't know that there were people in that room.

    However, some people who were paying attention saw Feng Jiu's group entered the number one room. Their eyes were bright. Some even took out a portrait and compared it on the spot.

    It could be said that these forces had taken the first chance to get Ghost Doctor's portrait. Just now, the young man in red seemed to be exactly the same as the one in the portrait.

    "Is that him?" A middle-aged man whispered to an elderly man nearby.

    "Yes, it should be." The old man nodded.

    "I'll stay here. Go in and report to the master." The middle-aged man said, guarding the door.
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