881 Young Master Mo Chen, what’s your view?

    "Sky Rank number one room presents a Five-Elements Pill for the competition!"

    After looking at the information at hand, the middle-aged (male) host's voice got louder with excitement. As if fearing the people around wouldn't be able to hear it, his voice also contained spirit energy breath. So, when he spoke, it could be clearly heard by the thousands of people around.

    "Five-Elements Pill? What kind of medicinal pill is this? I've never heard about it before!"

    "What Five-Elements Pill? Why hasn't this medicinal pill's rank been announced?"

    "I refined medicinal pills for so long, yet I haven't heard about Five-Elements Pill."

    "Isn't the Sky Rank Number One room the Ghost Doctor's? So, Ghost Doctor really came?"

    "The pill taken out by Ghost Doctor is definitely not a simple one."

    "Right. His works, from potions to Nourishing Beauty Pill, none of them are ordinary. Moreover, it is said that all his things have marks and no one else can forge those."

    "What is the effect of the Five-Elements Pill? Nothing has been heard of this pill before."

    For a time, there was a constant discussion. People speculated what kind of pill this Five-Elements Pill was. What kind of person was that Ghost Doctor? Some stared at the platform while some stared at Sky Rank Number One room. The atmosphere was filled with more anticipation after this room presented the pill.

    Compared with other people's perplexity, several pill judges' expressions moved slightly with surprise flashed in their eyes.

    Especially when the Shangguan family's Third Elder looked at the woman in black who presented the pill, he was even more surprised. That young man in red? The one named Feng Jiu? Was he the ghost doctor?

    Leng Shuang put the pill on the platform. "This is the Five-Elements Pill. Taking this one pill, ordinary people without spiritual roots will have their spiritual roots grown." Having said this, she backed away.

    The whole Hall erupted once they heard her words - people without spiritual roots would grow their spiritual roots with the pill.

    "Did I hear this correctly? Those without spiritual roots can have them developed?"

    "This...is this real or bogus? Isn't this too heaven-defying?"

    "I had no idea that people without spiritual roots have a chance to cultivate! If her words are true, the value of this pill is really amazing. "

    "Correct, this pill can transform one's life."

    "It's defying nature."

    The crowd had a lively discussion. The whole scene was as bustling as the vegetable market. Any elegant conduct and calm were forgotten.

    Even the people inside the Sky Rank Number rooms were shocked and stood up one after another.

    Was there such a pill that defies nature in this world?

    During the discussion, several Alchemy judges on the platform were not idle. One person who had evaluated pushed it to another person. They held a pair of pliers and examined the pill, looking at it from all angles from colour to smell to pill grain.

    "Young Master Mo Chen, what's your view?" The Shangguan family's Third Elder asked the white robed Mo Chen who stood beside him with a soft voice.

    When others heard this, their eyes also fell on them.

    "I've heard of the Five-Element Pill. It's an ancient pill, but it has been lost for many years. I just didn't expect to see a Five-Element Pill today."

    Mo Chen spoke slowly, looking at the pill placed in the jade plate. "Although this Five-Element Pill is only a third-rank pill, it belongs to the first-grade whether in colour, grain or fragrance. Moreover, it has a far greater worth compared to other pills nowadays."
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