883 Leaving through the window

    "From the way you speak, you don't seem to want me to go to the academy?" His voice was soft with a gentle yet indifferent tone.

    "Haha, how come? It doesn't matter to me whether you go or not. "

    As she spoke, she stood up. Flicking her robe, she faced him. "I now stay at the inn in the west of the city. Now that the convention is over, I said just now to leave in two days. However, I plan to leave now. Do you really want to go? Then hurry back to pack!"

    "I'm travelling light."

    He also stood up. "However, I don't think I can go out now. Apart from Yi Country's royal family, there are also first-grade countries' people waiting outside."

    "It's simple. Leave through the window." She gestured toward the window on the other side. "The window at the back is towards the back of Alchemy Assessment Hall. Nobody's there if you take this exit." While speaking, she truly took Leng Hua and Leng Shuang to go from that window. Once she went through, she left from the rear door.

    Mo Chen's lips curved imperceptibly. He thought it was very interesting, so he followed her to leave through the window.

    Outside the room, the people were waiting for a long time but they didn't see anyone coming out. Thinking that Young Master Mo Chen didn't come out after he went in, they exclaimed, "Are they still in there? They shouldn't have left, right? "

    "This room doesn't have a back door. They should still be there."

    "It's true that this room doesn't have a back door, but it has a window in the back. They won't leave through the window to avoid us, will they?"

    With this reminder, all of them were stunned. They thought it was a little inconceivable. Wouldn't it be too beneath their dignity to leave through the window? However, it was said that Ghost Doctor was eccentric in nature. He might do what they wouldn't do.

    So, after knocking on the door without getting any response, someone pushed the door and went in. At this time, the room was completely empty without leaving any trace of a person. However, the window in the back was open.

    "They really left through the window?"

    Everyone was shocked, some were incredulous...

    Feng Jiu gave them no time to react. Her party went back to the inn to bring along the Cloud Swallowing Beast. They left the Imperial City and went back. However, when the public heard the news and rushed to the inn, they were still a step behind and did not see her figure.

    On the mountain path, after a long walk, they were resting on the grass. Feng Jiu sat with her legs crossed, looking at Mo Chen sitting beside her. With a smile, she asked, "If you follow me like this, will they say we are together? Colluding to take the prize? "

    Mo Chen faced her, answering her question with another question. "Did you really refine that Five-Elements Pill? Did it work? "

    "Of course, I made it, where else can I get it?" She raised her chin and motioned toward Leng Hua. "See, after taking the Five-Elements Pill, it resulted in a single water spirit root."

    Mo Chen's line of sight stopped at Leng Hua, then he lowered his eyes. If it's someone else, it couldn't be done, but she... always made the impossible possible.

    "Mistress, have some pastries to fill your stomach." Leng Hua took out a box of pastries and put it in front of them. He smiled and told Mo Chen, "Young Master, eat some too, so you won't get hungry on the way."

    "When did you buy it? How didn't I know? " Feng Jiu's eyes brightened. She picked up a piece to eat while telling Mo Chen, "Don't stand on ceremony, take it yourself."

    "I bought it when I was out of town." Leng Hua took out a box to share with his sister.
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