885 Xiang Hua’s death

    "The evaluation is finally over. When I went back for the New Year, I heard my father mention it. However, the seventh-grade is only temporary." She smiled, speaking with confidence.

    "That's for sure." Those eight men answered smilingly.

    Feng Jiu's eyes swept the crowd, but she didn't see Xiang Hua and Bai Xiao. "Where are those two?"

    "Bai Xiao and Du Fan are at the back of the mountain, while Xiang Hua went out on a mission two days ago and hasn't come back yet. But calculating the time, he should have come back today." Luo Yu answered. He told her about the tasks they received these days, as well as the improvement of the strength of several people.

    "Mistress, we have all entered the Martial Ancestor rank. Since we took over the missions, nothing hasn't been completed."

    Feng Jiu chuckled. "Don't be too proud. This is only the Green Gallop Country. Martial Ancestor is not powerful at all. You should be careful when you walk outside. Alright, I'll have a rest first. I'll go back to the academy in the morning. Leng Shuang and Leng Hua will stay here. If you have something, please look for me!"

    "Yes." Everyone assented. After watching her leave, they surrounded Leng Shuang and Leng Hua to inquire. Especially after Leng Hua became the water spirit root which was very strange.

    However, in the evening, before the sky was completely dark, Du Fan and Luo Yu hurried to the courtyard where she lived.

    "Mistress, there's a mishap."

    Inside the room, Feng Jiu just woke up for a moment. After hearing the urgent voice outside, she opened the door and came out. She saw each of them had a sad and angry expression. Her heart became heavy. When she was about to open her mouth, she noticed that some of their expressions were not right.

    "Mistress, Xiang Hua, Xiang Hua...he's dead."

    Luo Yu spoke, bowing his head in grief. Although Xiang Hua and they know each other for a short time, they'd been working and going out on a task together. Unexpectedly, after going out on a task, his death was fishy.

    Feng Jiu, who intended to ask where they had been, heard this. Her heart thumped. "Dead? How did he die? How do you know? Where did you get the news?"

    How could a Golden Core peak level cultivator die so easily? She never thought that they would suddenly tell her about Xiang Hua's death.

    Du Fan took a deep breath and said in a voice with deep pain, "Someone touched the array and hung his body outside our manor. We went out to investigate..."

    When they went outside, they didn't see anyone. However, Xiang Hua's body was hanging on a tree not far away. When they saw his body, they all got incredulous. They couldn't believe that Xiang Hua, who had been drinking and joking with them two days before, died like this.

    "Where is the corpse?" Her face was calm and her eyes were filled with cold light.

    "In front of the courtyard." As they spoke, they took her to the place.

    When she arrived, Feng Jiu didn't touch Xianghua's body. Instead, she stood one step away and looked at the man lying on the ground. Her body was stiff. Her hands were clenched tightly into fists and her heart was raging with killing intent.

    She raised her eyes and glanced at several of them. "Du Fan, Luo Yu, Fan Lin, others, as well as Fang Cheng, have you all touched Xiang Hua's corpse?"

    Fan Lin saw that she only took a look without touching it. Moreover, she also kept a certain distance. His heart thumped. "Mistress, what's wrong with his corpse?"
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