886 Making Antidote

    "His body was sprayed with odourless and colourless poison. I assumed that the few of you have touched him?" She looked at them and saw their expressions change.

    "Yes, we moved the body inside to inspect it. But we didn't find any trace of poison." Fan Lin said solemnly. He was the one out of the few of them who was versed in medicine. Hence, when Xiang Hua's body was discovered, other people were in charge of carrying the body inside, and he was in charge of the autopsy. Little did he expect.....

    Feng Jiu looked at the few of them, then took Fan Lin's pulse to determine what poison he was inflicted with. However, her findings had her worried as it as not an ordinary poison.

    Besides being odourless and colourless, the poison was slow acting. Before the poison took effect, it was impossible to detect it. If she hadn't noticed that the few of them had slight redness under their eyes, she wouldn't have known that they had been poisoned.

    She withdrew her hands without saying anything. Instead, she took out a thin mask and a pair of thin gloves from space. If she was unable to find anything from these few men, she would surely be able to discover something from inspecting Xiang Hua's body.

    She collected some fine powder from under his nails and on his collar with some tools. Without raising her head, she asked: "Fan Lin, what are the findings of your autopsy?"

    "Master, there are many wounds all over his body, but they didn't cause his death. Both his hamstrings are broken, and both his hands have been twisted till they broke. His body was also burnt in many places....."

    As Fan Lin spoke, the anger deepened in his heart. He studied medicine, and he knew from the wounds on his body that he was tortured while he was alive.

    "None of these attributed to his death. He died because his Golden Core was destroyed. Every vein in his body was broken. Du Fan investigated and said that someone might have used him to search for souls. Maybe it was because of that, he destroyed his Golden Core and commited suicide."

    Feng Jiu listened as she continued to examine the body. It was as Fan Lin had said, he was tortured before death, and there were signs of soul searching.

    After a long time, she finally stood up looking at Xiang Hua's body with vengeance and anger in her heart. She looked at the few of them and said: "Luo Yu, Xu Duo, move his body to the back of the mountain and burn it. Bury him at the back of the mountain. Du Fan, dig out all the information from the missions Xiang Hua had received. Fan Lin, you will work with me to make the antidote. The rest of you, keep an eye on anything that happens at the manor."

    Everyone went off to make a start on their tasks and Feng Jiu brought Fan Lin to the medical room to make an antidote for them.

    "Tell me any symptoms you have, and give me some of your blood for testing." She said to him as she prepared everything.


    Fan Lin responded and did as she instructed. He helped her with preparing the antidote and at the same time the poison in his body was starting to take effect. After about an hour, the antidote was not ready, and he was struggling to hang on.

    "Master, I think the poison is taking effect. I can't see anything, and I am finding it hard to breathe, my whole body....." before he could finish speaking, he had collapsed.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu caught him and lowered him to the ground. She sealed the major acupuncture points in his body with needles and re-examined him. After she found the symptoms, she made the antidote.

    After the duration of an incense, she made the antidote into pills and gave one to Fan Lin to take. At the same time, she sent a breath of spiritual power through her palms into his body to help the antidote take effect faster.
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