887 Someone Has Sneaked In From The Back Of The Mountain

    After he had taken the antidote and with the help of acupuncture, it wasn't long before the purple colour on a comatose Fan Lin's face faded and he woke up. At this time, Du Fan's voice rang out from outside.

    "Master, the information is here."

    "Come in." Feng Jiu said and she kept the golden needles as she looked at Du Fan. She saw that the poison hadn't taken effect in him and gave him the antidote: "This is the antidote. After you have taken it, don't use your power for an hour."

    "Yes." He took the antidote and handed over the information at the same time.

    "Take these antidotes to Luo Yu and the rest."

    She took the information and walked outside to take a look. She saw that there was just a simple task on the information. The task didn't look suspicious, nor was it dangerous. But the problem was that the person who ordered the task had insisted that Xiang Hua was the one to carry out the task.

    Why did he specify Xiang Hua to carry out the task? The mission was fake, it was a trap to murder him?

    Why did he want to kill Xiang Hua? And why search for a soul? Who was this person? To be able to capture a Golden Core peak cultivator alive to search for a soul, this person had the characteristics of a Nascent Soul cultivator!

    "Oh no! Oh no!" Bai Xiao came running in from outside, his face was full of panic. When he saw Feng Jiu, he said quickly: "Someone has sneaked in from the back of the mountain!"

    When Feng Jiu heard this, her eyes flashed with a cold chill: "Someone has sneaked in from the back of the mountain?"

    "Yes, quite a few people dressed in black. A mole that I had trained previously came to tell me. They have sneaked in stealthily and are hiding in the woods. Leng Shuang and the rest are guarding the manor, that's why they haven't come over yet. But I don't know what they are doing. What shall we do now?"

    He was a little worried. There were only a few of them at the manor, and some of them have been poisoned. Xiang Hua was dead and before they could find out who did it, someone had actually sneaked in from the back of the mountain. What did they want? It was clear that they were after them.

    While he was talking, a gray-white mouse peeked out of his arms and ran all over him.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the mouse, closed the pages of the information in her hands and instructed: "Don't you know how to train beasts? Leave the problem at the back of the mountains to me. Watch closely."

    He froze and looked at her icy face, her whole body exuded a murderous chill. He replied: "Yes."

    He could train beasts, he wasn't a useless person. There were at least a hundred fierce beasts and spirit beasts, even if his fighting ability was not strong enough, the beasts could fight the enemy.

    He left swiftly with the intention of keeping an eye on things at the back of the mountain. No matter what, he couldn't let those people get into the manor.

    Feng Jiu gave Du Fan some instructions, to look after the few people who had not yet recovered from the poison. She went out to the front and saw Leng Shuang and Leng Hua who were patrolling around the manor. When they saw her, the both of them went over immediately.

    "Master. " The two of them greeted, before they could say anymore, they were called over by Feng Jiu.

    "Is anything happening out front?" Feng Jiu asked.

    "We haven't seen anyone, but it looks like someone has touched the formation. I went out to take a look and something is amiss. It looks like we have been surrounded by a large number of people who seem to be keeping a watch on us."

    Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu frowned and instructed: "From now on, don't take any action alone."
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