891 The Beast Struck

    All the demonic cultivators watched on as the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator attempted to flee while the figure in red behind him chased after him through the night, like a ghost from hell. As the person in front fled, the person behind chased him. From time to time, the sound of the two people exchanging blows boomed out. The surrounding trees were destroyed by the battle between the two people. Shattered stones flew about, the airflow was sharp as a knife. No one dared to approach.

    Was the young boy in red really just a Foundation Stage cultivator? How could a Foundation Stage cultivator be a match against a Nascent Soul cultivator? And even battered the Nascent Soul cultivator till it was plain embarrassing?

    At this point, they couldn't help but want to back away and flee from this place. It was obvious that if a Nascent Soul cultivator was unable to defeat him, they were unlikely to do so.

    "Let's go!"

    It was uncertain who had shouted, but the situation was dire and they had intended to flee. However, when they prepared to condense their spirit energy and depart on their flying swords, they found that they were unable to condense their spirit energy.

    "Oh no, there is poison in the air!"

    One of the Golden Core demonic cultivators was versed in the art of poison and was the first person to discover the problem. He discovered that the poison was colourless and odourless, and didn't take effect immediately. It had corroded their bodies from the inside so they were unable to condense their spirit energy, and unable to fight.

    "This, this is similar to the life-threatening soul searching poison that we use...."

    The Golden Core demonic cultivator's expression changed, the colour drained from his face. As he was familiar with poison, he was able to analyse the effects of the poison from his symptoms in his body. The poison was similar to the one they used, but something has changed. Initially, the person exposed to this poison would not be able to detect any problem. However, the airflow restricted the body from being able to condense spirit energy. Forcing the condensation would only speed up the poison flowing through the blood....

    He retreated swiftly and stared at the young boy fighting with the Nascent Soul demonic cultivator in shock.

    It was him! It was him who had poisoned them through the air when they were unaware and unprepared! He trembled as he searched for the antidote. He was going to take the antidote, no matter what type of poison it was, he was going to take the antidote first.

    However, when the other demonic cultivators saw him take out the antidote, they stepped forward to snatch it: "Give me the antidote!"

    "Give it to me!"

    "Give it to me!"

    None of them dared to use their spirit energy, so they fought with fists, like a vixen, not a hint of cultivators' image could be seen. However, they were demonic cultivators, and they never cared what others thought of them. Demonic cultivators were selfish and self-serving, they only looked out for themselves and didn't care about others.

    Just then, a strange sound travelled through the night. The sound was delicate, sometimes it was slow, sometimes it was fast. It sounded far and near. Just as they wondered who dared to play music in this place, in the middle of the night, they heard a thunderous roar.




    The loud roars of the ferocious beast in the deep night were unusually clear. The sounds of the heavy and chaotic footsteps thundered and shook the ground. At that moment, when the demonic cultivators saw the beasts that they wouldn't normally take another look, their faces paled in fear.

    "It's ferocious beasts! Damn it! Why are there so many ferocious beasts?"

    They watched over a hundred beasts gush out from the forest. Some of the beasts had them surrounded and some of the beasts leapt towards them gnashing their teeth. They instantly thought to escape, but found that every path had been blocked by the hundreds of ferocious beasts and spirit beasts.

    Bai Xiao sat on the back of a ferocious tiger, fresh blood oozed from his shoulder.The Cloud Devouring Beast was by his side as he appeared in front of everyone....
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