893 Soul search

    It was a sleepless night.

    It was midnight when the exterior was finally cleaned up. Feng Jiu, after returning to the courtyard, was already in a calmer mood. She came to the dungeon and looked at the unconscious demonic Nascent Soul cultivator.

    "Drag him out." She motioned to Du Fan and Leng Shuang behind her. The two came forward and dragged the prisoner out.

    Seeing the demonic Nascent Soul cultivator still had no consciousness,

    Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes to a squint and stepped toward him. Her hand reached out to the crown of his head.

    Soul search was a technique abhorred by people and rarely used. Those who were soul-searched became useless. Both their mind and mental acuity were damaged. They could only be idiots. Therefore, few people would use this method. However, there were some who still employed this method, especially against those who held secrets in their hands.

    She closed her eyes and pressed the man's skull, searching inside his conscious realm. All the information in his mind ran through her head without any concealment. What had been said, what had been done, what he knew and didn't know were channelled into her consciousness...

    After a long time, she opened her eyes and withdrew her hand. While turning around to leave, she commanded, "Drag him out and feed him to the ferocious beasts as a snack."

    Leng Shuang followed her, while Du Fan responded then dragged the unconscious man toward the back of the mountain.

    In the middle of the night, they assembled at the hall. Feng Jiu told them to pay attention when they went to carry out tasks. At the same time, she also told them what that demonic cultivator knew regarding the Qingfeng sword from the soul search. He should have wanted to hog the sword for himself. The news hadn't spread yet, so they just needed to pay more attention to the recent movements of various parties.

    Finally, she told Luo Yu, "Go to the Qingfeng Inn after daybreak and tell Ren Xiang that there is a force secretly planning to swallow the power of the Hell's Lord's Palace. Let him pay more attention, then ask if he has sent Little Hell's Lord to the guardians safely."

    "Yes. Please be at ease, Mistress. I'll start at dawn." Luo Yu answered.

    Feng Jiu nodded, then got up and went back to her room. When she left, the others were still sitting in the hall, discussing things.

    The following evening, Luo Yu came back. "Is Mistress still in the courtyard or already back to the academy?"

    "She's still in her courtyard, but she hasn't come out since last night." Fan Lin said with a sigh. "How was the task that Mistress assigned you to do?"

    "Mm, I've relayed everything. I've also inquired Mistress' question to him. I'm just about to report back to her." He answered. "I'll go to Mistress' courtyard first."

    "I'm going with you." Fan Lin immediately followed.

    When they came to the courtyard, Leng Hua and Leng Shuang were both there. They asked the siblings, "How's Mistress? Has she come out yet? "

    "You want to see her? I'll report it. " Leng Hua said, knocking on the door and called out, "Mistress, Big Brother Luo is back."

    There was no movement in the room. After a while, the door opened. Feng Jiu, in a red dress, came out and glanced at those people. Then her gaze fell on Luo Yu.

    Luo Yu hurriedly reported, "Mistress, this subordinate has already passed your words. Ren Xiang said that he will send Little Hell's Lord to the guardians safely, so Mistress should not worry"

    Feng Jiu nodded and looked up at the sky. I'll return to the academy first. Let me know if something comes up!" She handed over matters to them and then stepped out.
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