894 Taking part in the academy’s competition

    When they saw that she was leaving, they saw her off outside the manor. Feng Jiu rode on Old White's back and took Cloud Devouring Beast with her. The people stood rooted to the spot for a long time after she had left before finally returning back to the manor.

    Although they had a master and servant relationship, the mistress treated them as relatives. They all knew that she was very sad to see Xiang Hua's death. After all, each of her followers was chosen carefully by her, but now one of them died in this way.

    They made a strong resolve inwardly to cultivate diligently. They must become strong in the shortest time possible!

    In the following morning, after going to the Black Market, Feng Jiu returned to the academy. She went directly to her cave dwelling after entering the academy's gate.

    The academy had started the new term at the beginning of the second month of the year. The students had all returned. However, the day was still early and there were not many students walking around. She did not go out except for reporting her return to the academy. Every day, she spent her time inside the cave either cultivating or refining pills.

    Until, half a month later, when the headmaster sent someone to look for her.

    "Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster." She arrived at the main peak and saluted the two dignitaries. Her eyes swept the surroundings and saw Mo Chen. She gave him a slight nod. When he responded with a faint smile, she looked away.

    "I heard that you came back a few days ago, but I haven't seen you around. I called you today to tell you that three days later, ten selected students, including you, will follow the Deputy Headmaster and a few teachers to participate in the competition between academies. Are you ready?"

    "Who are the other nine students?" She asked.

    The headmaster smiled. "You and Xiao Yihan pushed two of the academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven out. The other members have not changed. We were going to let your brother join us, but he hasn't come back yet. He just sent a message that he went to another country with the Black Market's mercenaries. It's estimated that he won't come back in a short time, so there is no place for him."

    Her eyes jolted slightly to hear this news. Her brother had not come back? She paid no attention to these things for half a month, completely immersed in cultivation and pill refining. She was not in the mood to care about other things.

    "Mm, I'm fine. We're leaving three days later, right? I see. " She nodded.

    "Then go back and get ready. We'll gather in front of the square three days later."

    "Alright, then, I'm going first." She complied and turned away.

    Back in the cave dwelling, she saw Old White and the Cloud Devouring Beast lying outside the cave and walked over to them. "I'm going to attend the academy's competition three days later. Do you want to stay here or go into the space?"

    "I want to follow Mistress and enter the space. I don't want to stay here." Old White answered in a hurry.

    "I want to follow Mistress, too." Cloud Swallowing Beast responded.

    The big black bear didn't know what they were talking about. It tilted its head toward them with stupefied eyes.

    "Old White is too big. He won't come out after entering the space. Cloud Swallowing Beast can follow me without entering the space." She then looked at the black bear. "Little Black, do you want to go back to the forest?"

    "Roar!" With a low cry, he immediately held the tree beside him, indicating that he didn't want to go back.

    "We don't have a contract. You don't have to follow me all the time." She sighed. After seeing this situation, she assented. "Alright! Since you don't want to go back, guard the cave here. I'll find a good place for you when I leave in the future. "
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