895 Gathering at the square


    The big black bear didn't understand human speech. It roared and rubbed its body against Feng Jiu's, looking very affectionate. Feng Jiu was amused to see the bear waving its large paws in front of her. It was her first smile in nearly half a month.

    "Alright, that will do! I'll go back and refine some more pills to take along, just in case. " She patted the three beasts' heads. When she was about to return to the cave, she heard Ye Jing's voice.

    "Feng Jiu."

    She turned around. "Ye Jing? Why are you here? "

    Ye Jing came to her side. "I know you have been back for half a month, but you've been cultivating in your cave and haven't come out for a while. I just heard that the headmaster looked for you, so I thought I'd come over. Since you're also part of the ten student representatives, it's good to have you with us when we have to go to a place so far and for so long a time."

    "Mm, I've been in the cave since I came back and just knew that we'll be leaving three days later." She took her to sit down at a table under the tree. "My brother may miss it this time due to some problems. Otherwise, he won't miss this chance."

    "Indeed! We made a promise to participate together, but he hasn't come back yet. " She sighed with some worry. "I wonder if he is in any danger outside? It's very risky to follow the Black Market mercenaries."

    "It doesn't matter. He's tactful. Even if he misses it this time, there will be other opportunities in the future."

    "Feng Jiu, I heard that people from the second-grade countries are very strong. In fact, I'm worried that I can't even get into the top 20 this time." She looked at her. "This academy competition will have students from the sixth to the second-grade countries vying with one another. We are the only one from the six-star academy. I'm really worried..."

    "It's a big world out there, it's normal for someone to be better than us. The result doesn't matter as long as we try our best." She said with a smile.

    "Mm." Ye Jing nodded and took out the Spirit division's white uniform. "This is what Teacher Lü asked me to bring to you. You are not only a student of the Alchemy division but also the Spirit division. He asked you to put on the Spirit division's uniform this time."

    "Alright." She took the two suits and put them inside the space.

    "Then I'll go first." Ye Jing took her leave.

    Feng Jiu saw her off. After Ye Jing departed, she returned to her cave-dwelling, refining pills.

    Three days later.

    Ten students gathered at the square led by the deputy headmaster, Teacher Lü, as well as Teacher Lu. Many students came to see them off.

    When Feng Jiu arrived at the square with Cloud Swallowing Beast, the ten students appeared in succession. In addition to the already familiar Nie Teng, Xiao Yihan and Ye Jing, there were others she had met before. Almost all of them were Spirit division students. She took a cursory glance at them. Out of the nine people present, including her, Ouyang Xiu was not seen. After looking around, she saw a figure coming from afar.

    "Feng Jiu, you are here!" Ye Jing came to her side. When she saw Feng Jiu looking at Ouyang Xiu, she also turned toward him.

    At this time, Ouyang Xiu also saw Feng Jiu. He immediately recalled his defeat in her hands, forcing him to lower his head and called her Master. His face turned gloomy. While thinking of avoiding her, he heard the voice that filled him with dread.
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