899 Two Star Academy

    The Two Star Academy was located near Red Spirit Mountain and built nearby. The area of the land was multiple times larger than the Six Star Academy in Green Gallop Country. The resources, teachers and even students were not the same.

    Those who stayed within the Two Star Academy were like celebrities. Everyone here were proud of something, and proud to be part of a Two Star Academy, proud to be more superior than others.

    People from various academies had arrived today on airships. As the hosts of the Two Star Academy, they naturally welcomed the guests upon arrival. Therefore, within the school, and outside of the school, many students and teachers could be seen walking about.

    When the Deputy Headmaster landed the airship, the people on the airship followed behind him as he stepped out of it. When he saw the majestic entrance of the academy, he could not help but be surprised.

    The two huge stars above the entrance seemed to be carved out from spirit stones as it reflected the dazzling sunlight. The majestic entrance door was open, and it was bustling inside the academy.

    "How may I address you? Which academy do you belong to?"

    A teacher had walked forward to ask, as his glance swept across the handsome men and beautiful women. He had only taken a glance, as in the celestial world, there was no shortage of handsome men and beautiful women.

    "We are from a Six Star Academy, my surname is Guan. I am the Deputy Headmaster, and these are the teachers who are leading the team." Old Guan introduced themselves.

    "Oh, so you're from the Six Star Academy." The teacher nodded and smiled as he summoned a few students: "Bring the teachers and students from the Six Star Academy inside, and then get a few people to take them around to familiarise themselves with the college."

    "Yes." The students replied and beckoned for Deputy Headmaster and his team to follow them.

    The Deputy Headmaster nodded and the people behind him followed along.

    "A Two Star Academy really is different, even the decor inside is not ordinary." Xiao Yihan said in admiration as he observed while he walked along: "Look at the floor. Isn't this the spiritual gathering? But it doesn't quite look the same. The spiritual energy inside here is really plentiful."

    "Yes, that's what Two Star Academies are like. No doubt One Star Academies will be even better." Feng Jiu said with a smile as she looked around. She had noticed that all the students wore white uniforms. The only difference was they had a six star badge and the opponents had a two star badge.

    The students who led the way in front were showing the Deputy Headmaster and his team around the academy. When they heard the conversation of the students behind them, they couldn't help but snicker on the inside: "Country bumpkins will always be country bumpkins."

    The students were divided into two groups. One of the groups were led by the Deputy Headmaster and the teachers to one of the mountain peaks. The other group consisted of Feng Jiu and the rest, and were brought to the students quarters. Boys and girls were separated, four to a room.
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