900 We Accept Your Challenge

    "Okay, let's take a rest before we go out and familiarise ourselves with the place." Feng Jiu smiled as she stood next to the seven other male students.

    When the two male students saw this, they walked outside and said to Feng Jiu and the rest: "Let's go! The male student quarters are this way." They then led the way.

    After the time to burn an incense stick, they arrived at the male student quarters. There were rows of courtyards side by side and some were already occupied by students who had arrived before them. Some of them were sat at the stone tables under the trees in the courtyard outside and some were walking around.

    When the students saw that there were more newcomers, they glanced at them up and down. When they saw the six star badge on their uniforms, their expressions were filled with disdain.

    So they were students from a Six Star Academy. They were the lowest ranking academy in this round of the competition. The people from there were nothing special to look at. None of them had taken any notice of the students from the Six Star Academy as they felt that they were of no comparison to them.

    "Just take a look yourselves, if you see an empty room, you can stay in it." The two male students instructed and then left.

    When he saw the two students had left after giving them vague instructions, Xiao Yihan shook his head: "Men definitely aren't as good hosts as women. They can't even be bothered to say anything more than necessary." He then walked up to a courtyard and was about to take a look inside when he was stopped by a man.

    "Our place is full."

    "Full?" Xiao Yihan was surprised, and he turned around and said to Feng Jiu: "Let's take a look around the back."

    "Okay." Feng Jiu responded and went along with him around the back. However, every courtyard was occupied. Each time they tried to enter, they were stopped and told that it was full.

    After hearing this so many times, they couldn't help but laugh.

    After they had walked all around, they finally came to the courtyard at the front. There were two Three Star Academy students sat outside who had seen them walk all the way around and stared at them with their hands on their chins.

    Feng Jiu crossed her arms around her chest and leaned against the gate. Her face beamed with a smile as she asked the two Three Star Academy students: "Is this place full too?"

    "That's right." They replied.

    "Fine, since it's full, then let's get straight to it."

    She rubbed her knuckles and her face revealed a malicious smile: "Are you going to come out by yourself, or do you want me to kick you out?" Although she hadn't wanted to get into a fight as soon as she arrived, however, these people were forcibly occupying the courtyards. How could she not make a move?

    It was the same everywhere, the weak ones were bullied. Although they were from a Six Star Academy, but none of them would be bullied. Since they dared to bully them, they were asking for it.

    When the people in the courtyard heard this, they were startled and couldn't help but stare at them incredulously, then laughed: "What did you say? Kick us out? Hahaha! Just you from a Six Star Academy?"

    "I'll fight. The few of you actually think that you own this place? Just a couple of you and you want to take over the whole courtyard? Since you won't let us in, then let the fist decided for you! Besides, my whole body is aching from the trip on the airship, I need to get some exercise." Xiao Yihan shook his arm and walked out.

    "Hmph, want to fight? Alright! We accept your challenge!
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