902 Grabbing


    "You can only see the damage if you hit the face!" As she spoke, Feng Jiu threw another punch. However, this had landed on that student's stomach instead.


    That student exhaled in pain as the blow to his stomach caused him to bend down instinctively. His hands that were holding his head protectively had lowered down and wrapped around his stomach. But at that moment, a fist had come flying towards his face. He stepped backwards in fear.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu grinned as her fist changed directions and hit the student who was about to attack her from behind.


    That person groaned as he felt a blow to his cheek, and he was a little stunned when he tasted saltiness in his mouth. He touched the corner of his mouth and took out a tooth covered in blood. When the Three Star students saw the bloody tooth, they all suckjed in a breath of cold air.

    "You, you dare knock out my tooth? You rascal, I am going to beat you to death!"

    The student was fuming and threw his tooth away then headed straight for Feng Jiu. However, before his fists had even reached Feng Jiu, he was kicked to the ground by Nie Teng.

    Nei Teng stood next to Feng Jiu and glanced at her briefly before looking away again. Throughout the scuffle, he had not strayed too far from her side, he was usually only about three steps away from her at all times. When she was beating up people, he hadn't interfered. But when someone had tried to attack her from behind, he would always kick them away from her.

    He never spoke as he knew that she wouldn't obey him, so he just stayed by her side protecting her.

    However, Feng Jiu hadn't appreciated the help. After another student was kicked away, she said: "Okay, stop fighting!"

    When the students from the Six Star Academy heard her command, they stopped fighting immediately and stood to the side. Hadn't they said that only the students from the Three Star Academy would be beaten up? Other than Feng Jiu, Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan, the other four had been injured in the fight. However, in comparison to the students from the Three Star Academy, their injuries were mild. The opposition's faces were so swollen they looked like pigs.

    "Damn it! Are you really from a Six Star Academy?"

    A Three Star Academy student had asked through gritted teeth. Their speed and skill was much faster than theirs, especially those four. Whoever came close to them got beaten up. How did they not know that the combat skills of Six Star Academy students had become so strong?

    Although it was a scuffle, the other side were barely hurt. It was just too frustrating.

    "We are from a Six Star Academy, so what?" Feng Jiu raised her eyebrow and looked at the student who was scared of her: "Don't worry, we have more class than you. Just a couple of you and you occupy a whole courtyard. We only need two courtyards, the rest of you can decide how to share the other courtyards."

    As soon as she had finished speaking, she turned and headed into the first courtyard. She saw that there was a room each to the left and the right, and two rooms in the middle. The two rooms in the middle were bigger, hence she picked the left middle room and went inside. Seeing this, Xiao Yihan was about to go into the right middle room. However, a body faster than him slipped past him into the room. Therefore, he chose the room on the left.

    When Ouyang Xiu saw that Feng Jiu, Nie Teng and Xiao Yihan had occupied this courtyard, he went to the courtyard next door, with no intention of staying in the same courtyard as Feng Jiu. He wasn't keen on having to look down all day and being taken advantage of.

    Finally, the eight of them had settled down in the courtyards, four to a courtyard and each had a room to himself. At least they had their own personal space.

    After a while, Feng Jiu opened her bedroom door and came out with the intention of taking a walk around.
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