903 A Matter To Discuss

    When he heard her bedroom door open, Xiao Yihan walked out and asked: "Feng Jiu, are you going out for a walk? I will come with you."

    "Okay, let's go and get Ye Jing." She smiled and walked out with him.

    Nei Teng was stood at his bedroom window as he watched the two of them leave, but he didn't follow. The student in the other bedroom was resting and hadn't planned on going out.

    On the other side of the mountain, the teachers were discussing the students from the other academies.

    "Oh? The students from the Three Star Academy had a fight with the students from the Six Star Academy?"

    "Yeah! Some students came to report to us. They said that the male students from the Three Star Academies were occupying one courtyard with just one or two of them. So when the students from the Six Star Academy arrived, they got into a fight. It was just a scuffle, some of the students were beaten to a pulp, their faces were swollen and bruised. They must look quite funny." One of the teachers shook his head with a smile as he spoke.

    "So, that means the students from the Six Star Academy lost?"

    "No, the students from the Six Star Academy won. It was the students from the Three Star Academy who lost. In the end, some of them were on the floor and couldn't even get back up. I didn't expect the students picked from the Six Star Academy to attend this year's competition to have pretty good skills."

    "That actually happened?" Another teacher was a little surprised and smiled: "That is really interesting. I had actually thought there wasn't much to see in this year's Hurricane Rankings, but it seems that the competition this year is quite strong, I can't wait to watch it!"

    "Yeah! The students from the Six Star Academy have proved themselves worthy from the moment they arrived and beat up the students from the Three Star Academy. I don't think anyone would dare mess with them in the days coming up."

    "We've asked them to come to stay at our Academy half a month in advance so that they can compete with each other in secret and inspire their combativeness. Let's hope they will not be disappointed when the time comes!"

    "Haha, no matter what, they will not surpass our Two Star Academy students to take first place. We should just let those academies settle their own affairs and not worry about them." One of the teachers waved his hand: "I've got other matters to attend to, I will take my leave first."

    Upon seeing that teacher take his leave, the other teachers also dispersed.

    On the other side of the mountain, Feng Jiu and Xiao Yihan had come to look for Ye Jing and Zhou Xun.

    "Ye Jing?" Feng Jiu stood outside and shouted, but did not go inside.

    After a while, Ye Jing's bedroom door opened and she walked out. She nodded at Feng Jiu and walked over to Zhou Xun's bedroom and knocked on the door: "Zhou Xun, we are going out for a walk. Do you want to come along?"

    Zhou Xun's bedroom door opened, and she looked at Ye Jing, then Feng Jiu and Xiao Yihan. She nodded her head and said: "Yes, I will come with you." They were in an unfamiliar place, it was better to have companions.

    "Let's go!" She smiled at them and walked out together.

    The four of them walked around sightseeing and familiarised themselves with their surroundings together. They had also found out quite a lot of information from other students about the Two Star Academy students. In the evening, the four of them received the Deputy Headmaster's summon."

    "Deputy Headmaster wants us to go over, he said there is something he wants to talk to us about." Ye Jing told the others.

    "Yeah, we have also received the summon. Let's go back and see what's the matter." The few of them replied and headed back together.

    When they arrived at the courtyard, they saw a student waiting outside. When he saw their return, he hurried forwards and said: "Deputy Headmaster said there is a matter he needs to discuss with you. He's waiting inside, come inside quickly."
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