1123 Young Boys

    Fortunately, they were caught off guard and they were trapped in the giant silver net. Also, when they attacked, they sprinkled poison powder over them, so no matter how strong they were, they wouldn't be able to withstand much longer.

    They were indeed giving them a taste of their own medicine, using their method against them.

    They treated them the same way they treated this family. The weak overcame the strong and they would kill them by surprise.

    That family couldn't help but be shocked by the change of scene in front of them. When they saw those people move towards the evil cultivators to kill them, their eyes moved.

    What beautiful technique! What beautiful skills!

    He was merciless with his strikes, swift and quick, like someone who had a lot of experience and practice. In the face of those Golden Core evil cultivators, he was fearless, and his guts couldn't help but win the praise of other people: what an outstanding young boy.

    They saw a boy with a baby face with a sharp sword in his hand take out a Eight-Star Flying Wheel. A sharp air shot out with a terrifying intention to kill, the flying wheel flew through the air and with a whoosh sound, a blast of air slashed the throat of one of the Golden Core stage cultivators.

    When the Golden Core cultivator tried to avoid the blow, he was pushed forwards with a slam from the young man behind him and he couldn't help but collide with the flying wheel. When the force of the flying wheel and the force of the Golden Core cultivator collided together, it caused his head to be cut off.



    The sound of gasping was accompanied by cries of exclamation. Those sounds came from that family and the group of evil cultivators and several cries came from those women.

    Even though they usually came out to practice, when they saw the bloody scene in front of them and the knife separating the body from the head, they couldn't accept it.

    The scene was so bloody, they couldn't hide their horror and cries of exclamation, and went to hide behind their family members.


    The rest of the evil cultivators clenched their teeth tightly, a dark murderous air burst out of their bodies. The one with a longsword gripped tightly in his hand charged towards Duan Ye, the sharp force split the air from top to bottom with the potential force of destroying heaven and earth.

    "Be careful!"

    Luo Fei shouted to warn Duan Ye. At the same time, he turned around, breath visible to the naked eye formed between his hands and suddenly struck out: "Force of the Twin Dragon!"

    The Foundation Formation Middle-Stage cultivator's pressure was accompanied by a fierce airflow and turned into two spiritual forces that rushed out, visible to the naked eye, like two air currents whistling through the air. Like an angry dragon leaping out of the sea, the currents rushed towards the Golden Core evil cultivator with a whoosh of a sound.

    "Hmph! Cocky!"

    That Golden Core Peak Stage cultivator snorted coldly. With the pressure of the Golden Core Peak Stage, he easily destroyed the two currents created by Luo Fei which disappeared instantly.

    As the two currents dissipated into the forest, the sand and leaves on the ground lifted up and rolled along with the airflow spreading across the forest a few metres into the distance before it finally calmed down when the airflow stopped.

    "Get ready to die!"

    That Golden Core cultivator shouted in a somber voice. His palm reached for Luo Fei's throat, his hand shaped like a claw: "Boy, I will send you to hell myself today!"

    The sky was suddenly filled with a murderous intent that diffused through the air. The Golden Core cultivator's airflow and the murderous intent trapped Luo Fei and prevented him from escaping. The air in the atmosphere solidified and it became difficult to breathe......
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