905 Give It To Me

    The ten of them gathered outside. As Feng Jiu didn't want to bring the Cloud Devouring into the spiritual realm, she left him in the care of the Deputy Headmaster and arrived at the meeting point alone. Some of the students from other academies had also arrived at the meeting point. When they saw the ten of them arrive, the students stared at them hatefully, especially the students from the Three Star Academy whose faces were still bruised from the fight.

    Feng Jiu and the others ignored them, but their gazes landed on the ten students from the Two Star Academy. There were eight male and two female, all dressed in white uniforms with a two star badge on their uniforms.

    Everyone frowned slightly when they looked at them, all except Feng Jiu. The strength of these ten people were very strong, eight of them were already Foundation Formation Stage cultivators. Out of the eight cultivators, three of them were at the middle Foundation Formation Stage, one was at the peak Foundation Formation Stage. Although the other two students were not Foundation Formation Stage cultivators, they were peak Great Spirit Masters. With such power behind them, they were definitely much stronger than the students from other countries.

    If any of the students could compete with them, it would only be these students from the Two Star Academy.

    As they looked at those ten students up and down, those ten students were also looking up and down at them. Whey they saw their cultivation level, they looked away without saying anything, but their faces were obvious with pride.

    It was obvious why, other than Feng Jiu, Nie Teng, Ouyang Xiu and Xiao Yihan who were Foundation Formation Stage cultivators, the others were only Great Spirit Master cultivators, and they weren't even peak cultivators. The Two Star Academy students wouldn't see them as a threat at all.

    The Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked at the students with a smile and ordered the spirit stones to be distributed: "These spirit stones are marked with specific marks and belong to our Two Star Academy. Even if you have any spirit stones, they will not be mixed up with ours."

    "Well, I believe that your Headmasters and Deputy Headmasters have already explained what will happen, so I don't need to give you anymore instructions. Without further ado, you may all enter the Teleportation Formation! Once you have entered the Teleportation Formation, you will all be separated from each other even if you've arrived together."

    The Two Star Academy Headmaster said to them with a smile and asked the Deputy Headmaster to lead the students into the spiritual realm.

    "Go on! Be careful." Deputy Headmaster said to Feng Jiu and the rest.

    "Well, Deputy Headmaster, please look after my little beast." She looked at the Cloud Devouring beast who was behind the Deputy Headmaster. Because many people had seen her arriving with Cloud Devouring beast, it would cause too much gossip if she had kept him in space. Therefore, she had no choice but to leave him in Deputy Headmaster's care.

    "I know." Deputy Headmaster nodded. The Cloud Devouring beast was just like a pet to him and didn't realise that this little ball of a puppy was actually a spirit beast.

    The rest of the people from other academies were also leaving instructions before entering the Teleportation Formation. There were a total of fifty students from five academies and were divided into three batches to enter the formation. After the Deputy Headmaster and teachers watched Feng Jiu and the rest of them disappear into the formation, they turned and left.

    "Little thing, let's go! You will stay with me until your Master comes back out." Deputy Headmaster said as he picked up the little ball of fur into his arms.

    However, Mo Chen who was dressed in like a fairy in white, walked up to the Deputy Headmaster and said: "Leave this little thing with me!"

    "But..." The Deputy Headmaster was a little hesitant.

    "Oh!" Even Cloud Devouring muttered in a low voice.
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