906 You’re Unlucky To Have Met Me

    "Since there's nothing much going on lately, it'll help me pass time." After he said that, he grabbed the Cloud Devouring beast and walked off.

    He watched him walk off with the little pet and the Deputy Headmaster couldn't help but shake his head with a smile before walking away.

    At the same time, Feng Jiu felt a force push her out from the Teleportation Formation and she took a few steps backwards. When she had steadied her steps and looked up, she looked around the darkness and saw no one else around her. There was just her.

    She calmed her breath and used her divine sense. She realised that there was no one near her within five hundred metres, she was alone under the dark sky. However, she had no plans to rest.

    It was indeed just as Deputy Headmaster had described, the spiritual power in her was abundant. Even the secret place at Green Gallop Country Academy was not even half as good as this place. She also realised that the spiritual power here was stronger than what she had in spatial space.

    "The strong spiritual power in here is from the combination of the spiritual stones and spirit gathering array, that's why it is different to spatial space. However, cultivation from spirit stones here can also enhance your strength. Moreover, we only have two weeks in here, I can forget about resting. I should make use of my time and find the centre of the spirit gathering array instead!"

    She murmured to herself as she glanced at her surroundings. Because of the spiritual energy in the air, it was more difficult to find the centre of the spirit gathering array. Therefore, she closed her eyes and used her spiritual power to sense it.

    Because her body encompassed the purest spiritual energy, and also had mystical power, she was more capable of sensing spiritual power than most people. Therefore, locating the centre of the spirit gathering array was not a difficult task for her.

    However, locating the centre of the spirit gathering array would prove a more difficult task for Nie Teng and the others.

    After a while, she opened her eyes and turned back looking into a place within the darkness. A white figure emerged from the darkness like a ghost...

    Within the same spiritual realm, but in different places, the other students also tried to locate the centre of the spirit gathering array. The best place to cultivate was right in the centre of the spirit gathering array, therefore, all the students were trying to locate it the moment they entered the realm.

    As long as you arrive at the centre first, you wouldn't have to worry about not meeting the other students and robbing them of their resources. With regards to the exemption of battle, some of the students weren't too bothered as they were confident of their own strength. They felt that even without the exemption, they would have the ability to enter the final ten rounds of the competition.

    In the dark of the night, there were lots of white figures roaming about, looking for the centre of the spirit gathering array. Unlike the others, Feng Jiu already knew the rough location of the centre and was headed in that direction.

    However, at this moment, a white figure had suddenly rushed towards her. She dodged the attack of the opponent and stepped back at the same time to take a look. There was a two star badge on the white robes, it was a Two Star Academy student.

    "Hmph, you're unlucky to have met me! Hand over your spirit stones." The male student said in a low voice as he stared sharply at Feng Jiu.

    He was a Foundation Formation middle Stage cultivator and Feng Jiu's strength showed Foundation Formation beginners Stage, that's why it would seem that it was her bad luck to have met this Foundation Formation middle stage student. However, was it really her bad luck?

    Feng Jiu narrowed her eyes and smiled cunningly: "I was just about to tell you to hand over your spirit stones too."
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