907 Spirit Stone Spirit Gathering Array

    Dare to rob her spirit stones? Then don't blame her for taking theirs instead.

    "You brought it upon yourself. Hurry up, give me your bag of spirit stones. Otherwise, don't blame me for taking it myself." Her eyes narrowed as she stared at the bag hanging from his waist. It seems that he ws very confident of his own strength!

    Her bag of spirit stones was kept in space. This guy actually carried his bag around his waist, this, it was obviously hers for the taking.

    "Hahaha! What a joke!" He looked up as he laughed, as if he had heard a funny joke: "If you have the ability, then come and get it!" The white figure darted towards Feng Jiu as soon as he finished speaking.

    "You said it, don't blame me if you lose." She smirked at him. At the same time, she targeted the bag on his waist.

    Her white robes lifted slightly in the night breeze. Her outer robe lifted up and revealed the Rainbow-coloured glazed feather around Feng Jiu's waist. That student's eyes lit up when he saw it.

    "It's the Rainbow Coloured Glazed Feather!"

    "Bang, bang bang!"

    The two of them fought against each other, and when their palms collided, a loud thump sound could be heard. The airflow and pressure were surging. Both were extremely fast to the point their moves could not be seen, only the violent airflow could be heard through the night.


    The student was struck by Feng Jiu and grunted. As she retrieved her palm, Feng Jiu's hand reached downwards and took the bag of spirit stones from the student's waist.

    "Give me back my spirit stones!" He ignored the pain that radiated through his body and leapt forward.

    Feng Jiu ducked out of the way easily and smiled: "One shouldn't be too greedy. Not everyone gets to see my Rainbow Coloured Glazed Feather. I shall keep your ten spirit stones."

    The student was fuming, and when he saw her dart away to the left, he rushed after her: "Give me back my spirit stones! Damn it, I won't let this go!"

    After a while, the student lost track of Feng Jiu. He gritted his teeth and continued his search. This was not just a matter of the ten spirit stones, but also his pride. He was a Foundation Formation middle stage student from a Two Star Academy, and yet his stones were taken off him by a rascal from a Six Star Academy! If this were to get out, how would he be able to keep his head up in the future?

    Of course, he didn't know that after Feng Jiu led him away, she had gone back to the original location. As she looked at the boy searching for her, she couldn't help but chuckle to herself: "Take your time looking for me! I don't have time to play with you."

    She tossed the bag of spirit stones in her hand, then opened the bag and looked inside. There were indeed ten spirit stones inside. She proceeded to put the bag of spirit stones into her space, then continued in her search for the centre of the spirit gathering array.

    After about an hour, she stopped at a place as there was an array up ahead and she couldn't go dashing through. She had to study it before she proceeded.

    Once she had entered the array, she noticed that it had taken her nearly an hour before she was able to walk through ten arrays on the inside. After she had crossed over the last array, what she saw made her eyes open wide.

    Right in front of her was a huge spiritual array paved with spirit stones. There were patterns carved into the spirit stones, and the breath of spiritual power rose from the ground and diffused into the surroundings......
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