908 What a nice place

    "Whoa! So big! Such a large spirit stone...."

    She drew in a deep breath, filled with surprise and delight as her eyes sparkled with excitement. This place was the centre of the spirit gathering array. If she cultivated here, could she make another breakthrough in half a month?

    She got all excited. She was now at the Foundation Building peak level. If she made another breakthrough, she would enter the Golden Core stage. Even if her spirit energy level wouldn't rise, her mystical energy level could advance!

    "What a nice place with so many natural resources. It doesn't seem to have been used so I'll use it!

    While muttering, she squatted down to stroke the spirit stone under her feet, then took another look at the large spirit stone. The spirit gathering array should have encompassed all the spirit stones within the 100 metres area surrounding the centre. No wonder she had to walk for an hour to get in.

    "Mm, it's suitable for cultivating. It's a waste not to practice in such a nice place, but before that, you have to set up the array around it." She murmured with excitement and stepped outside briskly. She planned to put some more additions to the array so that even if some students found out about this place, they could only practice outside the spirit gathering array without disturbing her.

    Hence, she really set up and strengthened the array outside. Then, she came back to the centre of the array and sat down with her knees crossed.

    Even in the middle of the night, the surrounding area was bright with the flickers of multicoloured spirit stones. The dense spirit energy breath from the ground saturated the area and spread about in the air, creating a thick fog in the outer circle of this huge gathering spirit array that blocked outside view.

    She sat in the spirit gathering array with her knees crossed without rushing to cultivate. Instead, she pulled out the potion from the space. "This potion is suitable to advance, while this one has the effect of easing the lightning power. This one can temper the body, this..."

    She placed various bottles of potions and pills in front of her, intending to use them to advance. The strong spirit energy aura here making it the best place to advance. With the spirit gathering array to protect her, she's not worried about the lack of spirit energy.

    She made up her mind to cultivate immediately practice using the chaos skill. The spirit energy breath around her moved like being stirred around. Originally moving toward the outer part, now it turned around mid-air and penetrated into her body...

    A day or two had passed. None had come to this place besides her. Others had encountered each other in the woods and exchanged blows. Students from different academies had made up their minds to snatch others' spirit stones. There were also some students who couldn't find the centre of the spirit gathering array and opted to cultivate in a remote place.

    They had come in somehow yet couldn't snatch others' spirit stones nor advance in their cultivations. This great opportunity to cultivate was wasted in vain.

    In the evening of the next day, a student finally came outside the spirit gathering array. He had a two star badge, indicating his identity as a two star academy's student. After reaching the outside part of the spirit gathering array, he also tried to break through the array and enter the centre. However, the array was changing endlessly, making him unable to crack it.

    After trying for about an hour, he still couldn't find a way to break the formation. To avoid wasting time, he sat cross-legged. No matter what, the aura here was stronger than other places.
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