911 There’s someone inside

    "It's said that spirit egg fruits bloom for ten years then bear fruits for ten years. One piece of spirit egg fruit can advance a person's cultivation one level up. The spirit energy and nutrition contained in the spirit egg fruit can stay in the body for half a month. If you eat one, you can get rid of all diseases and increase your life for ten years. Tsk, it's really good stuff. "

    While eating, she kept talking and staring at the fruit in her hand. On the day she participated in the Alchemy Convention, she aimed at the spirit egg fruit because she planned to plant spirit fruits in the space. However, she didn't want to plant too many common varieties. On the contrary, she wouldn't know where to get the spirit egg fruit.

    Now she had three pieces. She planned to grow the seeds in the space after eating them and then tried to boost their growth using some potions.

    She made a plan in the back of her mind. If this worked, she would plant one in the Phoenix Empire's Imperial Palace so that her father and others could enjoy the fruit.

    After she finished eating the fruit, she flashed into her space. She buried the core and poured some spirit water on it. Old White came in and joined in excitedly.

    "Mistress, Mistress. Are you here to visit me?" It rushed in from a distance away. This place was like a part of paradise. Its vast area allowed Old White to run freely.

    She patted Old White on the head and smiled. "I'm cultivating in Two Star academy's sacred place. Right now, I'm here to plant the fruit cores. Oh, by the way, please water the plants and spirit fruits here for me."

    "Mistress, I don't see any spirit fruits on those spirit fruit trees. There are only trees and leaves, and they reached up to half my height." Old White curled its lips in disdain. Its Mistress said that those are spirit fruits, but in its eyes, those were no different from grasses. There were no fruits in sight.

    "That's because it's just been planted not long ago. Alright, I'll go out first." She explained and then flashed out the space. She went back to the centre of the spirit gathering array and stretched out her limbs. After a while, she felt that there was a feeling of satiation in her abdomen after consuming the spirit egg fruit. Moreover, spirit energy breath surged in her body giving a sense of warmth, making her very relaxed.

    "There are still seven or eight days left. I'll break through the Foundation Building Peak level and enter the Golden Core stage in this period!" She talked aloud and immediately cultivated in a cross-legged position.

    After resting for a while, the people in the outer circle saw that the spirit energy breath had recovered. They were ready to sit down and cultivate again. However, after sitting down for a while, it seemed that there was a strong force competing with them for the spirit energy breath. The spirit energy breath that was about to penetrate into their body suddenly turned around toward the centre of the spirit gathering array, making them dumbfounded.

    "What..what's happening?"

    "Fortunately, I haven't used my skill to process the spirit energy yet. If the energy is taken away forcibly during the cultivation process, even if not dead, my qi and blood will be devoured and get seriously injured. " A student was patting his chest with fear, cold sweat oozed out of his body due to the fright.

    "What on earth is in the spirit gathering array? This is definitely fishy. After gathering the spirit energy breath, the spirit gathering array will cause the spirit energy breath to overflow and diffuse it to the surrounding area. It's not like this to snatch all the spirit energy breath around. It must be man-made. "

    When they heard this, their expression changed. "Man-made? Yes! Why didn't we think that this was caused by a human! Someone must have gone inside! Among the students of all academies, who is proficient in arrays? There must be someone in this spirit gathering array!"
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