1130 Cry Of Exclamation

    "We know, we know." The two of them responded without turning their heads. Not long later, they walked out of the enchantment circle and left the array and headed for the stream.

    "The wound has scabbed over." Feng Jiu said and applied some ointment on his wound before covering it up again: " This ointment will stop your wound from scarring after it heals, it will be as smooth as it was before."

    Duan Ye was speechless when he heard the words smooth as it was before. He rolled his eyes and said: " I am a man, it doesn't matter even if my body has many scars. What smooth as it was before? I'm not a girl."

    He stared at Feng Jiu who was in front of him and whispered softly: "Do you think we are all like you? You're a man but your face is even smoother than a woman's, like a little white face."

    Although his voice was soft, Feng Jiu heard him and couldn't help but chuckled: "Are you envious of my good skin? However, I suggest you better not use the words little white face in front of me. Someone also called me a little white face in the past. Do you know what happened to him?"

    When he heard this, his face twitched. He knew it wasn't anything good judging by his expression, so he didn't ask. He only said: "I know I know. I won't mention it again, okay?"

    "Okay. Your wounds are nearly healed. Get up and do some exercise if you're fine. Don't get lazy after resting for a few days." Feng Jiu stood up and arched her back then patted her clothes as she spoke.

    At this point, Luo Fei stepped forward and asked: "Feng Jiu, are we still in the outer circle of Hell Mountains? We haven't entered the inner circle?"

    "Of course not, this is just one of the areas in the outer circle."

    Luo Fei was a little spheeless upon hearing this: "This place is so big. We have been in here for a few months now and we are still in the outer circle? Some of the journey we've travelled by flying swords too. If we had walked all the way we wouldn't even get round the whole outer circle in a year would we?"

    "That's for sure. This place is connected to the Eight Great Empires and what is the Eight Great Empires called? It's the city in the sky. Even if you travel only on flying swords, it's impossible to make it out of here in a short period of time."

    She smiled lightly and looked at the two of them: "Maybe we can try it sometime and travel across to the Eight Great Empires and see how long that will take?"

    "I've not thought about doing something that silly." Luo Fei pouted and replied: "The Nebula Sect will come down to recruit people once in a while. In addition to using their teleportation array to get there, you can also travel on their flying aircrafts. With their protection, there is no need to worry about any danger along the way. Only a fool would think of crossing the mountains of death to get there."

    After speaking, he seemed to have thought of something suddenly, his eyes widened and he looked at Feng Jiu fiercely: "Don't tell me that this is your plan? Even if your strength is good enough, I advise you not to be reckless. It's one thing being in the outer circle. But even a Nascent Soul cultivator wouldn't have the confidence to travel across from the inner circle."

    "Feng Jiu smiled: "Why not? It takes too long to travel across from here, I won't do it."

    They chatted for a while but realised that Ning Lang and Song Ming still hadn't returned. They were a little surprised and worried: "Why have they been gone for so long? The stream is not far from here!"

    As he spoke, they heard a cry of exclamation coming from outside. The familiar voice was filled with panic. Within the enchantment circle, the people's heart sank when they heard this. They quickly headed out of the enchantment.

    "Ning Lang!"
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