915 That scoundrel!

    With the flow of air and clouds rolling in the sky, even though no one could use the flying swords here, they quickly reached the circle outside the spirit gathering array. Almost all of the various academies' students gathered together here, looking dumbstruck at the rolling clouds above while listening to the sound of thunder.

    "Oh my gosh! Which scoundrel is this?"

    "Damn it! How did he get inside?"

    "Drat! All the trees around here have withered! "


    Just as they were cursing, lightning came from the sky with a rumbling sound. Its power was formidable and the airflow turned violent that everyone broke into a cold sweat due to this great alarm.

    "My goodness! It's not the Foundation Building! It's the Golden Core! There's a person here condensing the core!"

    The crowd gasped as he spoke.

    Binding the core! Among these students, were there any cultivators capable of condensing the core? Immediately, everyone's eyes were directed at the two star academy students as if asking them, is one of you advancing right now? Is one of your two star academy students condensing the core?

    "What are you looking at? Don't you see all ten of us here? " One of the students roared. He glowered at those students and gritted his teeth. "Let me know who he is, I must skin him!"

    "Tch! As you're at the Foundation Building stage, can you beat someone who has advanced to the Golden Core?" Xiao Yihan scoffed at him with both his hands crossed at his chest.

    The two star student sneered. "Condensing the core? Hahahaha! Do you think it's so easy to do that? I don't think this man can be a Golden Core. He won't be able to bear the tempering by the lightning and would die in the process."

    "You're the one who'd die, he hasn't yet!" Xiao Yihan retorted. He ignored him but kept paying attention to the surging clouds in the sky.

    Because they were blocked by the dense fog, they could not see the movement and scene at the centre. They could only see the stream air flowing out from the inner part. At the same time, there were two cries for help from inside the array.

    "Help! Help! Get us out of here quickly! "

    The two students were initially tried to break the array and got trapped inside, unable to come out. Originally, they thought that even if they were trapped inside, there's no need to worry. When the time came, they would be sent out naturally. However, when the first lightning fell, the pressure and stream of air coming out of the lightning tribulation were at the Golden Core level. It's not something that they could withstand.

    Therefore, those two began to panic and started crying for help. However, no one went in to save them since they were not sure whether they could come out after getting into the array. Besides, those two were nothing to them. Was it worth taking the risk?

    "Help! Help, ah..."

    The cry for help was followed by a miserable scream as if injured by the stream of air or attacked by the great pressure. In any case, the students outside neither could see nor could help them.


    The second lightning fell. So great was the shock that the whole earth shook. When the lightning fell, the spirit energy and life forces still rushed into the centre, making the two trapped inside the array were even more miserable.

    Hearing the second lightning struck, except Nie Teng and Xiao Yihan, everyone else was shocked speechless. Did the second lightning mean that the person advancing inside can bear it? Would he succeed in condensing the core?
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