917 Guilty conscience

    "What's the matter?" The Two Star Academy Headmaster was stunned. He commanded, "Investigate! See what's going on! "

    "I'll check right away." A Two Star Academy teacher answered. However, to his surprise, before going out, he saw two old men swept down from the sky. So fast that they almost reached the Headmaster in the blink of an eye.

    The Two Star Academy Headmaster was startled seeing the two of them. "Two elders, why are you here?"

    "Something happened to the mystic realm. You're still asking us why we're here?" The two elders answered, looking gloomy. They glanced at the Deputy Headmaster and the teachers around them and flung their sleeves. Then, they turned to the direction of the transmission array.

    Hearing their words, not only the Two Star Academy's people were shocked, but also the other academies' people spirits sunk. They followed them in a hurry toward the transmission array.

    That mystic realm was the sacred place for cultivation. How could something happen? If an accident indeed happened, what kind of mishap was it that alarmed even the Two Star Academy's two elders?

    At the same time, inside the mystic realm, the crowd outside the spirit gathering array was stunned. They looked at the surrounding trees that now looked like a ghost forest. Their mouths were wide open, but they had no idea what to say.

    After the third bolt of lightning came down, the clouds in the sky eventually dispersed. It was restored to a blue sky with white clouds. If it wasn't for the ghost-forest-like woods replete with dead trees and air devoid of spirit energy breath, they would really think that the previous scene was just their illusion.

    However, inside the spirit gathering array, Feng Jiu exhaled softly. The spirit energy breath all over her body was put into her dantian. At this time, the core had been successfully bound in her dantian. To her surprise, the green lotus finally blossomed. Even though only one petal bloomed, it made her very happy.

    Seeing the clothes on her body was burnt, she took out another set to put on from the space at once. After putting on the clothes, she exhaled softly. Her body felt different. Although she had not reached the peak stage when she first entered the Golden Core level, her strength had entered the middle stage, which was better than she expected.

    She was also supported by so much spiritual nourishment from this environment and assisted by potions and pills. That's a shame if she didn't advance.

    "In less than a year, I entered the Golden Core level. I don't think Nascent Soul level is too far away." She said happily, stretched out her waist and rubbed her shoulders, thinking that today is half a month's time. She only got ten pieces of spirit stones, which was too few. She planned to go out and have another look.

    She went out with a light step. However, when she took the first step, she noticed that the stone at her feet was as dusty as if it had been squeezed dry.

    "There seems to be a lot less spirit energy breath around here." She murmured softly while looking around. Because of the dense fog, she could not see the outside. She could feel that the spirit energy breath in the air was not just got much sparser, it was almost completely sucked clean by her.

    She could not help rubbing her nose. Her eyes flashed with some guilty conscience. "This shouldn't get me into trouble, right? It seems there's no rule that you can't suck all the aura in it, right? However, I don't think I've sucked everything in. The spirit energy should be back gradually. "
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