1136 That Egg

    "There are enchantments? How could there be enchantments here?"

    He was a little dumbfounded. Could an eagle know how to set up enchantments? He had never heard of this kind of ability before!

    After he had recovered from his shock, he realised that he had learnt to break enchantments from Feng Jiu. Therefore, he clasped both hands together and condensed the spiritual breath from his body. The spiritual breath flowed through his fingers with the strength of a Foundation Formation cultivator's level and shot forwards.


    He saw a breath of spiritual force struck out and hit the protective enchantment but was absorbed by the protective enchantment. That scene was like a drop of water being dissolved into a lake. It had disappeared without a trace without making any ripples.

    "Huh? How could this be?"

    He whispered, puzzled as he couldn't understand why? He tried again and again and finally, he went back to the haystack and sat down. Without realising it, his hand touched the egg and his fingers were tapping the egg gently.

    "I can't break it! What shall I do? I don't even know when the baby eagle will come out of its shell either. I am going to become food! I don't like this feeling at all."

    He murmured to himself because it was the only way to relieve his nervousness. He wanted to break the protective enchantment but he couldn't do it. Being unable to escape, he was bored. He picked up the egg and thought to himself, if he were to bring the egg out of here, it would surely be sold at an extraordinary price at auction.

    But, how would he bring such a large egg out of here? And when would the baby eagle break out of its shell?

    "Ning Lang?"

    After a while, when he heard Feng Jiu's familiar voice, his eyes lit up as he turned towards the direction of her voice.

    "Feng Jiu? Feng Jiu, I am over here." He shouted excitedly. He stood up and his heart beat in excitement as he looked at the red figure flying on the colourful feather towards him.

    Feng Jiu looked around and noticed the eagle slumped over the stone summit nearby. When she saw that it was motionless, she flew towards Ning Lang. However, as she drew near, she realised that the area was protected by an enchantment.

    "This area has enchantments. I tried breaking them but I couldn't do it. Feng Jiu, I can't get out. What should I do?" He said worriedly, holding the eagle's egg in his arms.

    "Are you okay? Are you injured?" She glanced at him up and down and looked at the egg he held in his arms.

    Ning Lang shook his head: "I'm not hurt. But I'm in shock and my legs are still feeling weak."

    When she heard this, she rolled her eyes: "Okay, as long as you're not injured. Step back so that I can break this enchantment." She gestured for him to back away.

    "This enchantment can't be broken. And it's really strange, why are there enchantments here? Unless, does the eagle know how to put up enchantments?" He asked in doubt. He couldn't understand why.

    Feng Jiu explained: "This isn't an ordinary enchantment. The reason why the eagle has this ability is because it is a Spirit Beast. It uses Spirit intent for protection. After breaking this enchantment, the Spirit Beast will know at the first instance."

    As she spoke, her hands condensed her spirit breath and a spiritual power visible to the naked eye could be seen on her palms. She held out her palms against the enchantment and closed her eyes slowly, releasing her spirit intent. Her lips opened slightly and a soft voice came out of her mouth.


    In an instant, a spiritual airflow hit out and the enchantment broke open, swinging outwards......
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