919 Who did this!

    As he spoke, he motioned her to look around at the dead trees, with a face full of interest. "How on earth did you advance? You've sucked all the spirit energy out of this place. Even all the life forces in the surroundings have been broken off by you. Tsk tsk, this commotion is unusually big. "

    Feng Jiu also started noticing the trees around her. When she saw the dead trees, she couldn't help being astounded. "How, how could this happen? I only cultivated. Why are these trees like this? "

    She was speechless and felt more and more sheepish. This area was originally lush with greeneries. But now, not even a green leaf was seen and those trees had withered. She wouldn't mention the decline of the spirit energy breath in the air, but how could the trees' life forces also dwindle?

    "How is it? Didn't I tell you that you're in trouble? This is the mystic realm of the two-star academy, its cultivation sacred realm. You've made this commotion. I'm afraid... alas."

    He shook his head and sighed, thinking this problem was not so easy to solve. After all, this place was owned by the Two Star Academy. It might be okay if they were the Two Star Academy students. Unfortunately, they were the Six Star Academy students. Anyone who saw his own place got destroyed would be hopping mad.

    "About this, I also..."

    She was terrified. Before she had finished speaking, tens of figures appeared thunderously in front of everyone. Seeing them made Feng Jiu's blood run cold.

    "Hiss! This, what the hell is going on here?" The Two Star Academy Headmaster looked around at a land filled with dead trees and the depleted spirit energy breath. He could only gasp and felt that everything in front of him turned black. He was filled with disbelief.

    In addition to Two Star Academy's Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster, there were also the two elders, as well as Deputy Headmasters of other academies. Now, when people saw the situation inside, they were all stunned and incredulous.

    "The spirit energy breath here is...is..."

    Everyone was speechless seeing the scene inside. Even if they were from other academies, they were also aware of the cultivation sacred realm. But now, their students had only come for half a month, yet now not the least bit of the spirit energy breath had remained and even all the trees' life forces were gone. This scene was just like a natural disaster. It was unfathomable to see this place completely destroyed.

    Only the Deputy Headmaster of the Six Star Academy, Old Guan, looked around at the Six Star Academy students the moment he saw this scene. When his gaze fell on Feng Jiu, who somehow looked guilty, he breathed in with a bad foreboding in his heart.

    Talking about who among them had the ability to wipe out and destroy things, it's absolutely Feng Jiu. Especially at this time, she looked remorseful and with some guilty conscience. Seeing the scene in front of him, he wanted to scream at the sky.

    Did she really do it? What the hell was she doing here, going so far as draining the strong spirit energy breath in it and destroying this area's life forces? If she really committed this deed, how could he explain to the Two Star Academy Headmaster?

    "Who is it! Who did this? Who the hell did all these?"

    The Two Star Academy Headmaster roared. His fierce eyes contained powerful pressure. At the time he roared out, a circle of spirit energy breath visible to the naked eye swept in.
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